Margaritaville atlantic city

Margaritaville atlantic city

Margaritaville atlantic city

Margaritaville owner Jimmy Buffett has announced the opening of the first Margaritaville casino in Atlantic City,


You don't have any worries at Margaritaville. That place is a whole new experience. When you enter the doors you are greeted by one of the friendly workers. You will be very happy and glad you came.

I ate here last night. My waiter new about gluten free and assured me they take it seriously. They do as I had no issues and it was nice to have fries as it’s rare to find a place with a dedicated fryer. I just had the cheeseburger and the GF bun was good. Nice to have a place that’s safe for Celiacs in AC. We need more. Thanks. (Source: www.findmeglutenfree.com)


We have eaten at other Margaritaville chains before so we just knew the food would be amazing....NOT!! First my granddaughter wanted a drink in the special kids cup that lights up...Nope they were out! Then 2 out of 3 of us wanted Bar B Q ribs...Nope they were sold out! I ended up getting the seafood platter....the shrimp were so tiny and the fish was disgusting....honestly I would have rather ate fish sticks. I thought we had a great server UNTIL when we were leaving and passed...read full review

I've always been anxious about traveling due to the fact that I have celiacs and am afraid there won't be many options to eat. I'm SO happy to say that Margaritaville takes extreme care for people who have food allergies! The chef came out and showed me the options and I didn't get sick! Dedicated fryer for fries and has a nice choice of options for people who have gluten allergies! (Source: www.findmeglutenfree.com)

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