Marcus from ginny and georgia

Marcus from ginny and georgia

Marcus from Ginny and Georgia

Ginny and Georgia have loved attending the schools' Teddy Bear Luncheon each year ever since they first started attending. The event helps raise funds for local charities, it provides a chance for the children to express their love and care for the animals, it's a chance to enjoy an afternoon of storytelling, singing, and dancing, and of course, it includes refreshment of furry friends and their favorite treats.


Ellen ends up having a meltdown outside of her house after catching Marcus smoking weed in public. Later that night, Ginny happens to notice Marcus across the road, sneaking out of his room and she’s instantly interested. After a class, Marcus introduces himself to Ginny. He tells her that her mother asked for weed off him. Maxine tells Marcus to leave her new friend alone and then reveals he is her twin brother. At the house, and while Maxine leaves the room momentarily, Marcus asks Ginny if she’s stalking him and he walks up to her. She’s extremely nervous being close to him, but he was grabbing some weed that was stashed in her sister’s room. When Ginny leaves Maxine’s house, she cheekily gets on Marcus’s motorbike and rides it around the block. Marcus is angry, but Ginny kisses him to calm him down. After the kiss, another girl arrives to pick Marcus up. When Ginny returns home, Georgia is furious at her and tells her to stay away from Marcus and that she taught her to have a better life. Ginny says that she saw her with a new man today and slams the door on her.

At school, Ginny sees Macrus hooking up with his girlfriend against the locker. In that moment, Ginny mentions how her mother always talked about power and control. She realizes that after the passion she felt towards Marcus doesn’t pan out like she hoped, now power is starting to look good. She approaches Padma and tells her she has something on her shirt. Marcus gets nervous with this exchange, believing Ginny was going to reveal that two of them had sex.Ginny’s problems mount up, and in the evening, Marcus visits Ginny in her bedroom through the window. He asks her if they are cool. Ginny goes on a rant about how she feels left out in this town. She then admits to having just lost her virginity with him, and how she’s one of seven black kids in the school, and she’s been caught shoplifting. She then cries, and Marcus hugs her. It suddenly dawns on Marcus that he was her first time, and he kisses her. She kicks him out after he suggests they have sex again. (Source: ginnyandgeorgia.fandom.com)


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