Maddie ginny and georgia

Maddie ginny and georgia

Maddie ginny and Georgia

Georgia and Maddie are the best friends who spend all of their time together. They love going to the park and playing with their friends, but things aren´t always easy when they get together.


In a particularly spooky Halloween episode of 'Ginny & Georgia', Georgia comes home to find the house eerily silent. She calls out for Austin, searches around the house when she suddenly sees her estranged sister of 10 year pops out saying 'Boo Bitch', incidentally the name of this particular episode. Her sister is Maddie.Maddie has finally discovered where Georgia lives by following Ginny on social media and connecting the dots. Maddie hasn’t seen Georgia for over a decade and claims she has only come to see her because she misses her and wants her son Caleb to know his cousins. Georgia, however, is suspicious of her motives and also grapples with how to introduce Ginny to her sister. Ginny is furious that she wasn’t even aware she had an aunt, cousin or that her grandparents are alive. Georgia had told her she has no family left since her parents died in a boating accident.

Clearly, Maddie still feels abandoned by Georgia even after all these years. However, after having a few heart-to-heart about their dark and disturbing pasts, the sisters seem to be finally bonding. There's even a choreographed sibling dance routine much like the one we've seen Monica and Ross do on 'Friends'. But after one drunken night Georgia, who never quite lets her guard down, checks Maddie’s phone. Georgia discovers that Maddie is being offered $5,000 by a private investigator, to provide information to the ex-wife of Georgia’s yoga tycoon husband. Meanwhile, Ginny has no idea of her aunt's ulterior motives and asks Maddie about her grandparents.Maddie, who has no idea that Georgia has gone through her phone, tells Ginny that her grandmother was addicted to Oxy her whole life and that Georgia was the one who had to look after Maddie while growing up. Maddie tells Ginny that Georgia was right to keep Ginny away from her grandparents. Ginny also discovers that Georgia and Maddie don't share the same father. (Source:meaww.com)


Maddie and Ginny then go out for an ice cream breakfast with Austin and Caleb and return to find Georgia furious. Georgia confronts Maddie about the message she has seen on her phone and gives her an envelope containing $10,000, double of what the private investigator has offered her. Maddie claims that she never planned to take the money from the private investigator. She was just in a desperate situation financially. To open up Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 6, Georgia is called into school after Austin stabbed Cynthia’s son Zach with a pencil. Georgia is fully on board with the suggestions from the school, including therapy, but she only agreed to keep the school appeased. Georgia believes Austin’s behavior is due to her mother with the cousin and auntie arriving. She accuses her mother of being a liar. Ginny narrates that Georgia lives in flight or fight, and they’ve lived in many homes.

Georgia catches up with her sister Ed. Ginny interrupts the conversation and tells Maddie that Georgia is dating a mayor before angrily leaving the house. Maddie tells Georgia that Ginny gets her anger from her. Maddie claims she came all this way because she missed her sister, but you can see the cynicism on Georgia’s face. Afterward, Ginny vents to Hunter about her mother. Hunter suggests she should try to get to know her mother, but Ginny wonders what else her mother is lying about. Flashbacks show a man named Anthony watching Ginny while Georgia works. She works for him, and he’s paying her under the table and letting her stay for free. Anthony is desperate to take her out, but Georgia asks for healthcare instead. As the flashback draws out, Georgia becomes consumed by poker on television. She arranges a poker event at Anthony’s place, and it’s making them good money. Her sister Maddie shows up after. (Source: readysteadycut.com)




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