Machine Gun Kelly Megan Fox.

Machine Gun Kelly Megan Fox.

Machine Gun Kelly Megan Fox

This is not a real graphic. This is not a real graphic. This is not a real graphic. You are not being punked. I'm not being punked. No one is being punked. What we know is that the 2016 MTV Movie Awards were amazing. And this graphic is our attempt to pay homage to all of the amazing moments.

When Mgk's Girlfriend Megan Fox Got Starstruck As She Talked to Eminem

Megan Fox, who has been dating Machine Gun Kelly since she split with husband Brian Austin Green, opened up about working with Eminem, the Detroit rapper who has a long running beef with her new boyfriend.


I’m witnessing a ritual that is equal parts sacred and profane – a physical consummation of sorts for the pair. The first thing you need to know is that they are an absolutely gorgeous couple, seemingly made for each other. The musician, born Colson Baker but better known as Machine Gun Kelly, is a handsome 6ft 4in punk with white-blond hair and is covered in tattoos. Fox, an actress, is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, a Frank Frazetta pin-up girl drawing come to life, today wearing Bettie Page bangs and a deep brown lip colour. She is the ideal cool-babe consort for a burgeoning superstar like MGK, a rapper turned rocker whose new album, Born With Horns, is executive-produced by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. The record is dark pop punk that chronicles MGK’s recent life leading up to the moment he met Fox on a movie set and they fell in love.

While they make quite a pair in person, their love runs deeper than the obvious physical chemistry, to a place of what they describe as a spiritual connection. It is intoxicating to be around two people who are this far gone for one another. Together with their double-date pals Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, they are bringing back Sunset Strip rock’n’roll glamour for the 2020s, as the kind of couple that’s fun to watch be in love with each other and who have what Fox calls the ‘combustible element’ of all celebrities. They walk in the footprints etched by the platform boots of partnerships such as Tommy and Pam, Kurt and Courtney or Mick and Marianne, but with a key difference: they’re trying their damndest to make sure things don’t blow up. They’re both at a place in their lives where they’re really willing to lay it all on the line for love. (Source: www.gq-magazine.co.uk)


The next stop is the Soho Warehouse for dinner, the Downtown LA outpost of the members’ club Soho House. Plates of lamb chops, prawns, ravioli and pizza are brought out to the table. The dining room overlooks the sparkling LA skyline and loud 2000s music (think Ja Rule and J.Lo) blares from the speakers. MGK has changed into a T-shirt he was gifted at the shoot. It’s printed with a photo of Mickey and Mallory, the iconic outlaw couple from Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers played by Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis. Movies are one of the things that brought the two together. ‘The Lost Boys was our first movie we watched together,’ he reminisces, ‘and then True Romance and Point Break.’



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