Lucas cast

Lucas cast

Lucas cast

Honey, you’ve been so distant, so why do you say you’ll change?


Lucas returns to school a short time after his recovery, with schoolmates all casting surprised looks at him as he walks through the hall. Upon reaching his locker, he finds Bruno and Spike there waiting for him, but he tries to ignore them as he opens his locker. Inside is a varsity letter jacket, with Lucas's name and number on the back. As Lucas takes it out in shock, Bruno starts the "slow clap", and the entire hallway starts applauding. Maggie, Cappie, Cash, and Rina are there as well, leading the applause as Lucas raises his arms triumphantly and smiles.

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When searching for his manipulative and mouthy SEN, Lucas wanted an actor comparable to Duvall's talents to play opposite him; casting supervisor Ronald Colby suggested prolific English actor Donald Pleasence. The pairing worked beautifully, although Lucas said that while Duvall was always prepared for a scene, Pleasence "didn't even bother to read his lines until about the third take." The actor only had nice things to say about his director, "It was an enjoyable film to make. Even at that point, I had a feeling George Lucas would go on to do some wonderful things. Technically, he knew everything about the business at a very young age." (Lucas and casting supervisor Ronald Colby were having a lot of difficulty finding an actress to say "yes" to the role of LUH; the whole having to shave your head for a pittance thing wasn't helping their cause. After catching Maggie McOmie in a local production of "Marat/Sade," Colby was taken with her "very haunting quality that I thought would be appropriate for someone living in a subterranean world." McOmie said simply that "they liked my face," and was so overwhelmed at getting the part in a studio film that the thought of "getting my hair cut off was sort of secondary.pearing in the TV series "Fame," "Life Goes On," and "L.A. Law," and films like "Sitting Ducks" (which earned her a best supporting actress award nomination by the National Association of Film Critics Award), "Ricochet," and "Wolf." Beginning in the 1980s, she achieved even greater success as a casting agent, credited under the name Irene Cagen. Her eye for talent stocked shows such as "My Two Dads," "Alien Nation," "The 4400," and "Crash," and films like "Playing By Heart" and "Masked and Anonymous." Cagen also taught the craft to others in Los Angeles and Portland. (Source: www.looper.com)

The Peoria, Illinois native, who went to high school with Roger Ebert, honed his craft in California in the 1960s before studying at Juilliard. After his busy 1971 in film, he took to Broadway, before becoming a household fixture when he joined the cast of the "M*A*S*H" TV series as Major Charles Emerson Winchester, III, M.D. That role would earn him two Emmy nominations, and he would add a third for playing the founder of the United States Olympic Committee in the 1984 mini-series "The First Olympics: Athens 1896." (Source: www.looper.com)

Here are 20 stars you may have never known were almost cast in the series. (Source: time.com Michael Jackson reportedly threw his name in the ring for the role of Jar Jar Binks while George Lucas was casting The Phantom Menace. But the King of Pop apparently had a take on the character that didn’t match the director’s vision. In a 2015 interview with Vice, Ahmed Best — who voiced and provided motion capture for the widely-disliked and often criticized character — shared his thoughts on why Jackson was passed over for the role. (Source:time.com))

Benicio Del Toro appears as an “enigmatic” new character in The Last Jedi, but he was reportedly almost introduced to the galaxy far, far away saga at a much earlier date. According to Screen Rant, Del Toro was originally cast as Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace but chose not to pursue the role after George Lucas cut much of the Sith Lord’s dialogue. The part was then given to martial artist Ray Park. (Source: time.com During his hiatuses, Bryant worked with director Mika Kaurismäki on festival darling, The Girl King staring Sarah Gadon and Michael Nyqvist and made guest star appearances on The CW show “Beauty and the Beast,” CBS’s legendary series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and the CBC series “Cracked.” He also starred in the TV movie “Secret Summer” and went on to lead a talented cast in the critically acclaimed CBC/WGN series from Jennifer Holness and Sudz Sutherland, “Shoot the Messenger.” (Source:www.hallmarkmoviesandmysteries.com))


Lucas is a 1986 American romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by David Seltzer and starring Corey Haim, Kerri Green, Charlie Sheen, and Courtney Thorne-Smith. Thorne-Smith and Winona Ryder made their theatrical debut in Lucas. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Roger Ebert gave the film 4 out of 4 stars, calling it a film "about teenagers who are looking how to be good with each other, to care, and not simply to be filled with egotism, lust and selfishness, which is all most Hollywood movies think teenagers can experience". (Source: en.wikipedia.org "Eighth Annual Youth in Film Awards". Young Artist Award. 1987. Archived from the original on March 4, 2011. Retrieved March 4, 2011. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

Lucas Daniel Till (born August 10, 1990) is an American actor, model, and producer. He has appeared in a number of film and television productions, including Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009), The Spy Next Door (2010), and Monster Trucks (2016). Till portrayed Havok in the X-Men prequel films from 2011 to 2016, and starred in the 2016 CBS reboot of the 1985 television series MacGyver as the titular character until its end in 2021. (Source: en.wikipedia.org Till and Swift first met in 2008 while filming for Hannah Montana: The Movie. In 2009, he participated in the fifth season of Medium in the role of Adam Mankowitz in the episode titled "Things to do in Phoenix when you're dead", (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

He also returned to collaborate in the co-production in an independent science fiction adventure film directed by Jason Trost and in which he also plays Jack, a young man on vacation in Asia who realizes that his horrible dreams are becoming a reality and that reality is turning into a nightmare. The movie was called "Vacation 8". (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

and in which he also plays the role of Ben / Cutthroat. In the film, four superheroes (one of whom is Till) are kidnapped by their arch enemy and are forced to compete in a series of challenges to save an abandoned city full of kidnapped innocent civilians. Later that year, he collaborated on the music video accompanying the performance of Adele's song "Someone like You" by Tony Oller. In the video, Till plays Tony's friend who gets in the way of their love affair. (Source: en.wikipedia.org Till played Alex Summers/Havok, a mutant who has the ability to absorb solar energy which he can then launch as plasma energy from his body in the X-Men spin-off X-Men: First Class, a superhero film produced by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment directed by Matthew Vaughn. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

In 2014, he returned to movies in the horror genre by participating in the film Wolves as Cayden Richards, a high school student who is becoming a werewolf and who after the murder of his parents tries to discover the truth of who he really is. (Source: en.wikipedia.org He was also part of the starring cast in the direct-to-DVD film Crush as Scott Norris, a star member of the high school soccer team who despite having a knee injury caused by a blow in a game runs every morning. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

Before George Lucas went galactic with "Star Wars," he was a USC film student, turning heads with his 1967 15-minute dystopian short "Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB." It caught the eye of Francis Ford Coppola ,who got Warner Bros. to greenlight an expanded feature version at a budget of $777,000.77. (Source: www.looper.com)

When released in 1971 the reaction was mixed, with one reviewer saying the title was impossible to remember, "for those of us who are still relatively uncomputerized," but earns praise today from Steven Spielberg, who remembers it as "one of the greatest science-fiction movies I'd ever seen." The dark film only earned $2.4 million at the box office, but introduced the world to Lucas' cinematic mind, and was essential in the creation of his next two pop culture-redefining classics: "American Graffiti" and "Star Wars." The film would later loan out its name to a sound system co-developed by the director, as an entire generation came to know "THX" as the three letters that symbolized ear-splitting theater surround sound. (Source: www.looper.com)

When working on Coppola's 1969 film "The Rain People," Lucas had star Robert Duvall in mind for the title role of system disruptor THX 1138 even before he had finished the script for it. Duvall was game as he "liked the idea, because I hadn't played the lead in a movie." Shaving his head wouldn't be too much of a sacrifice for the hair-challenged actor, as he "knew I didn't have to go far anyway." (Source: www.looper.com)


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