Los angeles to las vegas bus

Los angeles to las vegas bus

Los angeles to las vegas bus

I'm thinking about taking the bus from California to Las Vegas. Any recommendations? What companies have the least stop? I hope the bus is comfortable. Will I be able to sleep on the bus in my seat?


On average, there are 46 daily departures from Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, NV. However, there may be more or less on different days. Providers' timetables can change on certain days of the week or public holidays, and many also vary at particular times of year. Some providers change their schedules during the summer season, for example. At very busy times, there may be up to 89 departures each day. The providers that travel along this route include Greyhound, Lux Bus America, Tufesa, Amtrak, Flixbus, CoachRun and Lux Coach, and each operates according to their own specific schedules. As a traveler, you may prefer a direct journey, or you may not mind making changes and connections. If you have heavy suitcases, a direct journey could be best; otherwise, you might be able to save money and enjoy more flexibility by making a change along the way. Every day, there are an average of 46 departures from Los Angeles, CA which travel directly to Las Vegas, NV. There are 0 journeys with one change or more.

The price all depends on the airline and the date/time of your flight. For example, air travel to Las Vegas is cheaper in the summer time (because of the desert heat they are not as busy). Holidays when more people travel are always going to be more expensive. Vegas is home to some of the largest conventions in the world and traveling during one of these dates pushes up rates significantly. You can find a listing of major conventions here. It is often less expensive during the week than on weekends. Sunday night is an expensive time to fly since you will be coming back when many others are doing the same thing. Friday night can also be more expensive. (Source: www.lasvegasdirect.com)


You might want to rent a car before you go to save mileage and wear on your car (you will be driving through the desert). If you’re going on a weekend, know that there will almost always be traffic. However, even with traffic, one can usually drive to Las Vegas from Los Angeles in under 5 hours. It is about the same drive time from San Diego. You can often find rental cars for under $100 (sometimes much less) for one day’s rental. This is still a cost efficient way to make the trip, especially if you have multiple people traveling in your car who will be splitting the cost. Some of the most affordable car rental companies to try are:

One such line is Greyhound. They also have their Lucky Streak bus service that offers more discounted rates, but a less flexible schedule. Their buses are comfortable, air conditioned, and have reclining seats with foot rests. You even get free Wi-Fi and power outlets. Even though the buses all have restrooms, rest stops are made from time to time. The buses try to stop near a restaurant if it is close to meal time. Greyhound bus tickets cost as little as $19 one way with advanced purchase. It is suggested that you either make reservations for a ticket online or by phone, or arrive at their terminal 45-60 minutes early. (Source: www.lasvegasdirect.com)


You can sit back and relax on a shuttle that departs from Los Angeles and Anaheim. The trip is about 5 hours and will drop you off at Harrah’s which is conveniently located in the middle of the strip with inexpensive monorail service to most of the major hotels. They even show the latest movies, have complimentary snacks and beverages, reclining seats and on-board attendant service. However, it will cost more than Greyhound with prices starting at $58 each way. The shuttle makes only one trip each day each way, picking up and drop off in downtown LA, Hollywood, LAX Airport, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills hotels, and in Las Vegas at the Flamingo, California Hotel and Harrah’s.

There is a lot to be said for flying to Las Vegas instead of driving or taking the bus. Putting aside the time spent going through airport formalities (searches, inspection, etc.) flying time is about 1 hour and 5 minutes. The price of roundtrip tickets can vary from $75 or less to $195 or higher. (Source: www.lasvegasdirect.com)




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