Los angeles suburbs

Los angeles suburbs

Los Angeles suburbs

It was a nice sunny afternoon in Pasadena when the car started making a funny noise. I was driving the three-month-old Honda to a super expensive-yet-crappy dentist that my boyfriend went to when we moved to LA. That’s when the pain hit. Everything hurt. At first, it was just a sharp, stabbing pain that came and went, so I thought I just had to stop and sort my ear out.


As the nation’s second most populous city, Los Angeles has long attracted people from all parts of the world who want to experience the laidback Southern California lifestyle — and perhaps find stardom or see some stars. This diverse and cultural city, brimming with the performing arts, fine dining and world-famous sports arenas, offers plenty of opportunity for residents, both within LA proper as well as the broad expanse of its surrounding communities.Sitting southeast of Los Angeles is Irvine, the No. 1 suburb on our list and the largest in the top 10. With an excess of 16,000 acres of different types of parks, it’s a goldmine of hiking and biking trails, and is also a natural habitat for local wildlife. It also offers outstanding secondary educational opportunities as home to the University of California, Irvine campus. You really can have it all here — big city amenities and simple things, like the nearby beaches and surfing of Newport Harbor. Plan today to visit the new construction homes in Irvine.

This region of LA contains some of the oldest residential neighbourhoods and is located between the Los Angeles River and Hollywood and is home to the city’s largest public parks Elysian & Griffith Park. Like much of LA the areas closest to the hills are significantly wealthier but in the last 10 years the area around Sunset Boulveard and Silver Lake Reservoir has become associated with gentrification with lower working class families moving out due to increasing costs of housing. The area houses the largest concentration of LA’s wealth as its residents are attracted by its close proximity to the ocean and rolling hills, it features some of the most upscale residential developments in the country. Westside LA is home to Pacific Palisades and Bel-Air but is also known to take in areas from adjoining cities but also refers to a specific area east of Santa Monica and south of Brentwood. West LA is partly enclosed by Wilshire and Beverly Hills on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west stretching down to Culver City in the south. (Source: www.losangeles.net.au)



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