Los angeles smoke

Los angeles smoke

Los Angeles smoke

What a mess. A huge, smoky lenticular mix of red and orange and gray, blotches of green and purple, rare black. Beyond the tangle of buildings, beyond the broad, white sea, no way to the stars. Doesn’t look like LA.


Smoke from wildfires as far away as north of the Bay Area is resulting in poor air quality in Southern California, where skies took on an eerie orange glow as temperatures continued to sizzle. Several fires in the Greater Bay Area joined to form wildfire complexes that have devastated the region. Homes burned, hundreds of people are under evacuation orders…The combination of excessive heat, ongoing wildfires and light winds will produce dangerous levels of ozone in Southern California through Monday, which means some areas could see the highest levels of ground-level ozone (smog) in a decade, according to the South Coast Air Quality Management District . Ozone air pollution can cause respiratory health problems, including trouble breathingOn the Friday in September we visited, a thick haze covered nearby mountains, but the sky had cleared up and the air quality was better than it had been earlier in the week. Cheerleaders for the local high school shook their gold and purple pompoms for a junior varsity football game as hundreds of students and parents caught up with each other in between bites of steak sandwiches and cotton candy.

The sharp rise in wildfire smoke is reversing decades of hard-won gains in air quality improvement made as a result of environmental legislation like the Clean Air Act, Burke said. “We had actually been having a lot of success in cleaning up our air,” he added, but the rapid rise in smoke is “threatening to undo decades of improvement and undoing them very quickly.”Air quality is measured by the Air Quality Index (AQI), which rates the air between 0-500, with higher numbers indicating worsening quality and an increased risk for health concerns. According to IQAir, the air quality in L.A. has been considered “moderate” since last week, rating between 55-60 AQI. The South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) issued an air quality advisory on Thursday, Sept. 23 and on Sunday, Sept. 26. The World Health Organization (WHO) released new air quality guidelines last week for the first time in 15 years, as air pollution is a worsening health concern and has caused millions of deaths around the world. Even though L.A. has not seen high fatalities, Chatterjee believes there are still actions that can be done to reduce air pollution around the city, such as increasing forest management techniques by allowing selective burning. (Source: www.uscannenbergmedia.com)


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