Los angeles college of music

Los angeles college of music

Los Angeles college of music

The school has been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music since 2003. It offers six-quarter Associate of Arts degrees and Bachelor's degrees in music performance (drums, guitar, bass or voice) and in music production, music composition and music industry. Los Angeles is a city in America with the sun shining brightly. There are about 8 million people in Los Angeles and it is one of the largest cities in the US. At the Los Angeles College of Music in Hollywood, the students and alumni are treated to life fame of stars among Hollywood showrooms and walk on the street with them everyday.


Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) prepares students to be leaders in music and offers Bachelor and Associate degree programs in Music Performance, Music Production, Songwriting, Composing for Visual Media and Music Business. Located in the heart of the music and entertainment industries, the faculty is comprised of current leading music professionals with a passion for inspiring the next generation. The college offers a significant number of real-world playing situations with professional musicians, not just peers, making it one of the top music schools today. The student body is comprised of talented students from around the world who partner together in an intimate and supportive environment to learn to create, record, perform and market groundbreaking music in today’s competitive music industry.

Los Angeles College of Music was founded in 1996 and is a college of music offering a quality education in a personal and highly-specialized environment. At LACM, we keep our curriculum current so we can give you the most relevant skills you'll need in today's musical world. You'll receive intensive training in the essentials of contemporary music-making, learning first-hand from a dedicated faculty of world-renowned professionals who have proven themselves with the biggest names in jazz, rock, pop and more. We are a different kind of school that truly maximizes the improvement and learning that you receive. (Source: www.studyunitedstates.eu)




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