Los Angeles at night

Los Angeles at night

Los Angeles at night

Los Angeles - one of the greatest and most emblematic cities in the world. C.P.A. - air conditioning, palm trees, stars beneath your feet, Hollywood.os Angeles’ most spectacular sights can be found at night when the lights come on and the city’s energy really comes alive.Luchador Cururo Circus - Los Angeles USA.ch/2xg7Nf1 21 Firework Displays: Festival of Lights in


The city is busy with activities all night long including nightclubs, night tours, ghost hunting walks, and even some museums that are open in the evenings. The daytime activities are so different from the nighttime activities, you will often see a completely different group of people out at night. Plus, downtown LA is full of parks, pubs, and parties to enjoy - if you're wondering how you should travel around the city, drop your bags in one of our LA luggage storage locations and check out our guide to getting around LA for more ideas.

For me, all this came later: Chandler, Huntington, the Owens River Valley, that sense of density, of place. At the time, I was just a tourist, although I never would have put it in those terms. I remember driving, endless driving, in my friend’s convertible, top down, rock ’n’ roll blaring, as if we were part of a music video or a cliché. I remember passing through the oil fields on La Cienega each time we’d go to or from the airport, remember taking the PCH north, past Malibu, for fried clams and beer at a beat-up seafood shack called Neptune’s Net. I remember walking — yes, walking — through the empty shaded streets of West Hollywood, up to Santa Monica Boulevard to Barney’s Beanery (which I knew from Big Brother & the Holding Company’s Cheap Thrills album; “Turtle Blues ‘vibes’ courtesy of Barney’s Beanery,” the cover said). (Source: placesjournal.org)


We’ve tried to keep our list of best views of L.A. at night to free spots; however, skipping over the view from Yashamiro Hollywood Restaurant would be an injustice. The ambiance of Yashamiro Hollywood, a restaurant known for fresh-to-order sushi rolls and craft cocktails, is a spectacular night out. Yet, if you really need to stick to a budget, drive up to the parking lot, and take in the view, you’ll be rewarded with a glorious overlook of the best of the L.A. area.

If you're visiting LA during the summer, why not hike to the Hollywood sign at night? Fortunately, if you've visited the observatory, you've parked in the same lot as the Mt. Hollywood Trailhead. With sunset around 8 p.m. during the summer you can enjoy a moderate 2.5 mile roundtrip hike before it gets dark. After seeing the views of LA from the observatory and the Hollywood sign from the trail, you will have had the quintessential day in the City of Angeles. (Source: www.emptynestershittheroad.com)



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