Logan Paul

Logan Paul

Logan Paul

The video-blogger-cum-vlogger had a shocking moment in Japan that has catapulted his fame to new heights. Though Logan’s offense was not to be compared to other recent cases, the incident vacates one motive for content creators to not tell the stories of other people.

Born and raised in Ohio, Logan moved to Los Angeles at 19 in order to pursue entertainment beyond social media. Over the past three years, he's garnered a massive audience and has become one of the most recognized social media stars on the planet. (Source: loganpaul.com)

This Title Contains:

I was scrolling my little Jimmy's Youtube feed, when all of the sudden, this disgusting, degenerate, delinquent, named "Logan Paul" popped up. A video by the title "We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest..." appeared. When I asked little Jimmy about this vile video, he simply responded "It's everyday bro!" and ran out the door doing the "dab" and asking people to buy his merchandise. This monster is brainwashing our pure, kindhearted, angelic, children into becoming debauched maniacs, with a thirst for money and views. I warn all parents to NEVER let their child (or children) watch this "Logan Paul", if that is his real name.Logan Paul videos are mainly him and his friends working out, wreaking things (going into stores and breaking plates), and occasionally trying to do some good. Recently he wrote a song about 'riding your girl with no handlebars' which is extremely degrading to women. His most recent video showed a man in Japan who had committed suicide and Logan Paul was very disrespectful about the situation.

He loves to talk about his merch, and makes songs about it even. He also said in one of his songs that he "Maybe cuz I met Mrs. Claus and hit it twice". I hate him and nobody should watch him. All he cares about is people buying his merch. He also filmed the viral Suicide Forest video where he showed a dead body multiple times and joked around and said stuff like "Buckle the f*** up" and, "Yo, are you alive or are you f***ing with us?". In my opinion, he should just be removed from youtube in the first plane. (Source: www.commonsensemedia.org)

Was Unaware of Who He Was Until...

Their was numerous uploads all over youtube one day about logan paul and i thought who is this guy ? So i went ahead and clicked only to be informed he is a youtuber who young children admire for some reason.. But the video's spoke of how he filmed a suicide and tasered a dead animal. What makes me sick is he's one of the highest paid youtubers. And you tube itself kept his inappropriate videos up but when others attempted to upload the same video as evidence theirs was removed from the site.



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