Locke and key season walk

Locke and key season walk

Locke and key is an American television series created by Jeremy Carver that aired on the Fox network from October 30, 2015, to February 18, 2016. The series stars Tom Ellis and Jessica Stroup, with Steven L. Sears, Reed Diamond, Aloma Wright, Jacob Young, and L. Scott Caldwell appearing in supporting roles.


A jaded, overworked elf runs off to the real world where he tries to experience the magic of Christmas with the help of a newly befriended young boy.The Locke children find their mother has no recollection of being trapped in the mirror dimension. At school, Tyler becomes interested in Jackie, while Kinsey struggles to fit in until she meets Scot and others of the "Savini squad", who are trying to make a budget horror film, and cautiously joins them. Bode fears that Echo may come back and bonds with Rufus, the young Keyhouse groundskeeper. With help from Rufus, Bode tries to set a trap for Echo, but when she returns after using the Anywhere Key to travel the world, she sees right through it and warns Bode not to disappoint her. Bode finds another key, and after seeing a keyhole appear on the back of a store clerk's neck, tries to use it on himself just as Tyler and Kinsey arrive home. They find that Bode has used the Head Key, allowing them to enter a representation of his mind.

Twenty-three years ago, a housekeeper at Keyhouse finds Erin using the Head Key and accidentally dislodges it, inadvertently trapping Erin inside of her own head. In the present, Erin moves into Keyhouse until her trust fund comes through. Bode finds the Small World Key, and when he visits Jamie at her house, she shows him that she has a dollhouse version of Keyhouse. They figure out that when the Small World Key is inserted into the dollhouse, anything that occurs in the dollhouse also happens in the real Keyhouse. At school, Gabe attempts to drive a wedge between Kinsey and Scot by having Eden use the Music Box Key to control Scot to attack him. When Eden returns the music box to Keyhouse, she inadvertently leaves the Anywhere Key behind, which is recovered by Duncan. Later that day, a spider crawls into the dollhouse, becoming giant in the real Keyhouse and wreaking havoc before Jamie kills it. Gabe and Eden make their second attempt at making their key, but the key explodes, ruining their last piece of Whispering Iron. Erin reveals to Tyler and Kinsey that they had Duncan create a key that made adults remember magic before they removed his memories. Feeling guilty about her actions, Erin has Tyler return Duncan's memories to him using the Head Key.

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While the basic premise is the same — i.e., the kids need to defeat Dodge — the two seasons play out very differently. The first felt like a mashup of the teen drama of Riverdale and the dark, family mysteries from something like The Haunting of Hill House. You slowly learned the secrets of the keys and how they impacted the Lockes and their closest friends. Season 2 gets into that a little bit, particularly with some flashbacks that shed light on the early days of Keyhouse and details on how, exactly, the keys were made. But mostly, it feels like a race: Gabe rushing to create his army and the kids trying to stop him. It’s chaotic. And the fast pace means the show gets away from the best parts of the story, namely all of the deep, dark secrets involving the keys and the portal to the demon world. (Source: www.theverge.com)

It’s playful and surreal — but it doesn’t last for long. Eventually, the demon makes its return, and the rest of the season feels like a race as the Locke kids try to defeat it. The new season is certainly darker than its predecessor, and it delves a little more into the history of magic in this world. But it also moves too fast for its own good. Whereas season 1 was about introducing mystery, the sophomore effort is more like a drawn-out superhero battle. (Source:www.theverge.com))

Sound complicated? It is, a little bit, but the series does a bang-up job of easing you back into the world and organically weaving the info you need to know into the character dialogue and motivations. Even though you should watch the first season, if you missed it you can jump right in with the first episode of Season 2 and get caught up immediately. That in and of itself is a little triumph… Some fans of the comics criticized the series for streamlining the narrative created by Hill and Rodriguez for TV. In Season 2, that becomes a feature, rather than a bug, allowing for a show that welcomes new fans while not alienating fans of the source material (don’t worry, comics fans: there are plenty of thrilling Easter eggs). (Source: decider.com The first season of Locke and Key was inspired by volumes one through to four of the comic books, touching on the Locke siblings dealing with their grief as they find the keys, and Dodge’s attempts to steal them so that she can take over the world. (Source:www.radiotimes.com www.radiotimes.com)))Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Averill said: “The world Joe and Gabe created is so rich with so much potential for places to go that I feel like we have many stories we want to tell. The stories we tell in season one are launching points for many of the stories that have yet to come.” 

The Locke siblings can’t help but deal with their loss of “magical” Tyler. Teenage Kinsey embraces her role as guardian to the magical Keys, understanding that he can’t stand the memory of accidentally killing Jackie. He wants a change of scenery and a new life without scary things outside of his control. Young Bode panics at losing a significant part of his support system because Tyer is choosing to forget. He can’t understand people naturally maturing and forgetting about the world’s magic. (Source: www.fanbolt.com)

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