Lliana Bird

Lliana Bird

lliana bird

Former Wall Street Journal Reporter in China


Bird has appeared in several episodes of The Mighty Boosh, and in episodes of Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy Series 1 and 2

"The Great British Bake Off host Noel Fielding welcomes second daughter with partner Lliana Bird". digital spy.com. 29 October 2020. (Source: en.wikipedia.org Armstrong, Stephen (31 July 2014). "The surreal thing: the return of Noel Fielding". London Evening Standard. Retrieved 10 January 2016. (Source:en.wikipedia.org wBAKE OFF jude Noel Fielding will be back on our screens as The Great British Bake Off series 13 is about to begin. (Source:ww.thesun.co.uk)))

The couple began dating in 2010, shortly after Noel found success with his comedy The Mighty Boosh. (Source: www.thesun.co.uk In early March 2018, The Sun exclusively revealed Noel and Lliana were expecting their first child together. (Source:www.thesu

She has also appeared in the first two seasons of the popular surreal comedy series ‘Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy.’ The comedy TV series has received strong, polarized reviews. It has received both hearty praises and scathing criticism from various vieweIn response to a fan who commented asking which spider represented which family member, Bird answered, "noel is pink, dali is orange, i’m grey and iggy is red 💜💜" (Source:Great British Baking Show host Noel Fielding has welcomed his second child with wife Lliana Bird, the radio DJ confirmed on Instagram Thursday. (Source:rs. (Source:She is not a married woman, but she is a woman spoken for. She likes her men funny if her choice is accurate. Her main man is Noel Fielding, a man who has been in her life for approximately a decade. Fans have known about their romance since 2010, but we aren’t sure if they began dating then or if they simply had a thing then and it went into a bigger thing at some othGreat British Bake Off star Noel Fielding and his wife Lliana Bird have welcomed their second child. (Source:She explained how one spider was her, another Noel, one was their daughter Dail, who was born in 2018, and the fourth was their new baby of the family who she revealed they have called Iggy. (Source:The news came shortly after Noel returned to filming The Great British Bake Off (Source:er point. (Source:n.co.uk) The couple began dating in 2010, shortly after Noel found success with his comedy The Mighty Boosh. (Source:www.thesun.co.uk))



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