Living in georgia country pros and cons

Living in georgia country pros and cons

Living in georgia country pros and cons

A lot of people believe that Georgia is the most isolated state in the US. Although they may be right, Georgia is able to attract loyal customers because of their signature connection to the south, their rural feel and the laid-back nature and attractions.


Over 100,000 new residents are moving to the state of Georgia every year. If you are thinking about becoming one of these many new residents then you will be happy to know that Georgia is a good state to move to. Known for its laid-back atmosphere, amazing food, and southern hospitality, it is worth moving to Georgia for many reasons. (Source:The state of peaches is home to historical landmarks, beautiful scenery, and a growing job market. Not to mention, top-rated school systems and an eccentric and diverse metro area. While living in Georgia might be a little bit more expensive than living in Florida, the state has many affordable and safe places to live overall. If you are looking for a warm climate with many things to do, then Georgia might just be the place for you

Founded in the year 1788, the state of Georgia became the most populous southern state by 1860. Known as the youngest of the thirteen original colonies and the largest state east of the Mississippi, Georgia is rich in history and culture. Once inhabited by Native Americans dating all the way back to 13,000 years ago, the lands of Georgia have been used and lived on for centuries. Playing a large part in the Revolutionary and the Civil War, this southern state has seen history play out time and time again. Having faced the Civil Rights era head-on, Georgia played an important role in the Civil Rights Movement. Remaining a popular location for political leaders and activists, the state’s history will never be forgotten. Today visit the National Center for Civil and Human Rights located in downtown Atlanta to learn all about the Human Rights Movement. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site also sits in Atlanta and is the current resting place of Martin Luther King Jr. himself. (Source: www.uphomes.com)


The humid subtropical climate that Georgia has leads to short and mild winters with long and hot summers. Neighbors to Florida, and next to the coastline, expect humid and muggy summers. While the climate can vary depending on where you live in the state, average temperatures range from 35 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 89 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. January is known as the coldest month in the state but do not expect to see yearly snowfall. Sometimes the northern areas can see potential snow and ice, but overall there is little snowfall seen in the state.

Experiencing regular to moderate rainfall year-round, make sure to always pack a rain jacket or umbrella when leaving the house. (Source: The cost of living in Georgia is lower than the national average. Not only is the cost of living low, but the housing prices are pretty affordable. As one of the cheapest places to live in America, living in this southern state beats housing costs in any big city. Depending on which area you choose to live in and the quality of construction, there is a wide range of expensive and cheaper properties to appeal to any lifestyle. The average cost of housing is around $200,000 with the home values steadily increasing by the year. In 2020, housing prices saw an increase of 8.3%. When moving to the area, have your choice of single-family home or apartment complex. (Source:www.uphomes.com)


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