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Lisa Ann Russell.

Lisa Ann Russell

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'survivor': How Did Jeff Probst Meet His Wife, Lisa Ann Russell?

Survivor host Jeff Probst is beloved by fans of the show, and for good reason. The host manages to bring out the best — and sometimes the worst — in contestants with his probing questions and insights. Plus he has some wild dimples. After so many years on their screens, some fans have been wondering — how did Jeff Probst meet his wife, Lisa Ann Russell? Jeff Probst Once Joked About Voting Lisa Ann Russell Off Survivor.

Just before Survivor: Blood vs. Water premiered in 2013, Probst was asked by Entertainment Weekly if he'd vote his wife off the show, if they were playing together as a married couple. (That particular season of Survivor featured pairs of family members playing together.)

Did Lisa Ann Russell Want Jeff Probst to Quit Survivor?

For a second, it seemed like Probst's presence on the show could be at risk. Back in 2017, a report from Radar Online alleged that Probst's wife, Lisa Ann Russell, wanted him to quit the show and spend more time at home. (Filming Survivor means being on location in a remote corner of the world for four months out of the year.)

Who Is Lisa Ann Russell?

Jeff Probst and Lisa Ann Russell have been married since 2011. According to Heavy, the two met at Mark Burnett's Christmas party, hitting it off quickly and never looking back. At the time of their marriage, Probst was 50 and Russell was 40, and it was the second marriage for both of them. Russell was previously married to Mark-Paul Gosselaar, an actor from "Saved by the Bell." After 20 years together, the pair share two children, who they now happily raise together with their new spouses.



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