Lip Piercing

Lip Piercing

Lip Piercing:

Lip Piercing

A lip piercing where jewelry is placed almost through the whole of the bottom lip, as if it were a vertical lip piercing. It’s often more visible than the regular and is often more painful and difficult to heal than a regular piercing. It can be done with more than one piercing, but is more draining on the lip than a traditional horizontal piercings since it requires more of a wound surface.

Lip piercings can be placed anywhere around the mouth, but the surface of the lip is not typically pierced itself, except for horizontal lip piercings and canine bites. Piercings in specific positions have certain names. Monroe piercings, for example, are labret studs worn on the upper lip where Marilyn Monroe had her famous beauty mark. Medusa piercings go through the center of the upper lip (the philtrum), perpendicular to the tissue. Labret piercings are pierced with a labret stud and can pierced in the center or off-center. A variation of this is the lowbret, a lower labret. Vertical labret piercings go through the center of the bottom lip, parallel to the tissue. The variation is called the vertical lowbret, which starts inside the mouth between the lower lip and the teeth and travels straight down, exiting on the lower edge of the jawline. Horizontal lip piercings are very rare, and include a horizontal bar on the lower lip that goes through the lip surface. Another variation of the labret is known as the dahlia piercing. The piercings, placed at or very near the corners of the mouth, are named in reference to the murder of Black Dahlia, in which the victim's mouth was cut along the same horizontal line along which these piercings are placed. (See Glasgow smile.) 

Vertical Labret Piercing: How It Works, If It Hurts, and Aftercare

A vertical lip piercing, or vertical labret piercing, is done by inserting jewelry through the middle of your bottom lip. It’s popular among people into body modification, as it’s a more noticeable piercing. (Source: www.healthline.com)

How Bad Do Rook Piercings Hurt?

Rook piercings can be painful because they target the thickest and hardest tissue that doesn’t pierce as easily as soft earlobes. The rook is a fold of cartilage, which means there is even thicker tissue to pass through compared to other locations, such as the top of the ear. (Source: www.medicinenet.com)

What Is the Most Popular Ear Piercing?

Ear piercing is a popular practice all over the world. Techniques for ear piercing range from the traditional needle heated over a flame and sterilized to using a modern-day ear-piercing gun. For a long time, the most popular or rather common ear piercing has been the ear lobe. (Source: www.medicinenet.com)



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