LibriVox Audio Books on the App Store

LibriVox Audio Books on the App Store


LibriVox Audio Books on the App Store

The LibriVox Audio Books app for iPhones and iPads is a free app that supports DRM-free content. It integrates with the Amazon shopping app and has a strong collection. The app is very intuitive and provides a streamlined browsing experience.


With the free LibriVox Audio Books app, you can listen to thousands of audio books, including classics, modern literature, and world history. You can also browse new recordings and search by keyword. The app also allows you to bookmark any book you're listening to. And you can save as many books as you want, so you can listen to them anytime.

You can listen to free audio books from a huge library. LibriVox has more than 24,000 audio books, and the number is growing every year. This app is designed to be a great place to start listening to new genres and discovering new authors.

The app is easy to use and features a customizable home screen. You can also browse through your recent listening history on the homepage. The app is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. It even supports CarPlay and has a variety of languages. You can even download audio books straight to your iPhone or iPad.

The free LibriVox app can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, or laptop. You can also listen to audiobooks in the browser of a PC or laptop. LibriVox audiobooks are free and public domain, which means that you won't have to pay for a subscription. The free audiobooks on LibriVox are available in MP3 format for download. And you can even listen to them offline.

The free LibriVox app is free for iOS and Android users. Its sleek interface makes it easy to browse through hundreds of audiobooks for free. The audiobooks are organized by genre, and you can create a reading list based on your interests. You can also start a new book or continue your current one, or simply switch between genres or books.

Integrates with Amazon shopping app

Integrating with Amazon is an excellent way to extend your eCommerce business. As the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon has an expansive range of products and services. Using software that integrates with Amazon can help you keep track of your orders and improve your customer list. Moreover, it can position you as an important business partner for Amazon sellers. The Amazon integration process is complex and requires a high level of expertise. You need to be able to integrate with Amazon's API to gain access to its extensive list of eCommerce stores and sellers.

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Although Shopify offers the ability to integrate with Amazon, the company plans to discontinue this feature after 2021. Therefore, if you're planning to sell on Amazon, consider using a third-party integration. This will save you a great deal of troubleshooting and technical difficulties.

Another great benefit of Amazon by CedCommerce integration is its low subscription cost. The plan can be customized to meet your unique business needs. The integration is designed to meet the needs of any size merchant and has many powerful features. For example, you can connect your Amazon store with your Shopify store and let your products be promoted in the app.

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Supports DRM-free content

The LibriVox Audio Books app lets you listen to unlimited audiobooks from a catalog of over 40,000 titles. You can browse by genre, author, or title. You can even add a bookmark or sleep timer to the app and save your favorite sections for later. The app is free and ad-free. It is supported by hundreds of volunteers. The catalog features classics and more contemporary books from all over the world.

Users can access the library from any computer or mobile device. The app supports audiobooks of various formats, including DRM-free. The app can sync audiobooks stored in connected cloud storage. Users can also upload DRM-free audiobooks from local libraries, download them from Bound, or listen to LibriVox on their device.

Another option is Downpour, a site that provides DRM-free audiobooks. Although it does not support as many features as Audible, it is still a great option for owning audiobooks. It supports bookmarks, variable playback speed, and a free book.

The Listen Audiobooks Player is another free option. It supports DRM-free files and features a curated collection of classic titles. The app is ad and IAP-free and supports an integrated equalizer. Other features include a sleep timer, bookmarks, and lockscreen controls. It also syncs your reading position and bookmarks.

Audible is the most popular app for audiobooks on the App Store. It is an audiobook player that lets you import audio files from various sources, including local storage and cloud storage. You can also import MP3s from the internet. You can also add notes to bookmarks.

Strong collection

The LibriVox Audio Books app is an excellent choice if you're looking to listen to audio books and classic radio dramas on your iPhone or iPad. The app's search function makes it simple to find what you're looking for, and it features a comprehensive library of over 50k free audiobooks from all genres. You can also listen to as many books as you want, and the app remembers your position so you can return to it later. Other features of this app include an unlimited bookmarking system and a sleep timer.

"The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells is a classic science fiction story, read by Mark Nelson. It features a girl named Alice falling through a rabbit hole. It explores the nature of time and space, and is a timeless classic that many adults enjoy. While it may seem like an obvious choice, Bowen's storytelling is largely unique among twentieth century writers.

A dedicated audiobook app should also guarantee a smooth listening experience. The Nook Audiobooks app may not be reliable or stable, but connects to the Nook audiobook store to offer more than 100,000 titles. Users may also benefit from free samples and discounted prices. LibriVox is a volunteer-run service that offers free audiobook versions of classic books. The LibriVox Audio Books app offers a free library of audiobooks from the LibriVox catalog. It also supports Chromecast and Android Auto. It has ads in the free version, but there is a paid option.

LibriVox Audio Books Pro is the only free audiobook app in the App Store that offers a vast collection of over 50,000 books. The library is organized by title, rating, and author. You can also set the timer to automatically change the speed of playback.


There are a variety of controls that you can use to customize the way the app plays audio books. First, you can choose whether you want to listen to a classic or a contemporary book. Then, you can check out up to 30 items per month. You can also mix and match different genres or types of content.

LibriVox Audio Books has over 50,000 audio books in its library. The catalog has categories like authors, titles, and ratings, so you can easily find a book you'd like to listen to. The app also includes a read-along feature so you can follow along with the story, or switch between audio and text.

Another great feature of LibriVox is that its books are free. You can listen to books written by authors from all over the world for free. You can even download them offline for later listening. The app also features a sleep timer, and supports Google Cast and Android Auto. It also features a community forum where you can discuss different books and interact with other users.

The app is easy to use and offers a wide variety of books. Users can browse through the titles by title, author, or narrator, and also create a reading list to collect their favorite audiobooks. You can even rate each book once you've finished listening to it.

In addition to the Apple and Google Play stores, you can download audio books directly from the library. You can also listen to books from other sources, like Spotify or YouTube. This is a great solution for those who want to read audio books but cannot afford a subscription. However, this feature has a catch. If you're an avid bookworm, you'll want to look for an alternative source.

The LibriVox Free Audiobook Collection - Internet Archive

The LibriVox Free Audiobook Collection  Internet Archive

If you're looking for free audiobooks online, you've come to the right place. The LibriVox Free Audiobook collection is a treasure trove of free books from many different genres. You'll find classics like Sense and Sensibility and Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, among many other titles. This collection is a great resource for both young and old alike, and includes everything from classic literature to modern bestsellers.

LibriVox recording of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Streaming an audiobook is a great way to enjoy a classic story. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a classic mystery written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It's one of the best known detective stories of all time. The audiobook features a wonderful performance from Ardy, a renowned narrator. Although his reading began a bit shaky, he quickly picked up the pace and made the audiobook enjoyable.

LibriVox is a digital audiobook archive of free public domain audiobooks read by volunteer readers. The library offers a wide variety of audiobooks in 33 languages. Users can download an audiobook and listen to it on their computer, phone, or tablet. Thousands of books are available for download through LibriVox, and the collection is growing every day.

Project Gutenberg's first eBook

Project Gutenberg is a digital library that was founded in 1971. The catalog currently has over 60,000 free eBooks. These ebooks are made available in a variety of formats. Most of the releases are in plain text, although some are also available in HTML, EPUB, MOBI, and Plucker. Project Gutenberg works closely with the Distributed Proofreaders community, which proofreads scanned texts and other material.

The project began by creating a CD of "the best" e-books. The CD can be downloaded as an ISO image. In early 2004, Project Gutenberg also began mailing copies of the CD. This CD contains nearly 17,000 free eBooks and audiobooks, and is now the world's largest collection of e-books.

LibriVox provides audiobooks in MP3 format. Many of these books are read by computer generated voices, but there are some that are actually read by a human voice. You can search for a particular author, genre, or reader to find the book of your choice. There are many different books available, including self-published poetry and contemporary works of literature. LibriVox also lets you download books, and you don't need an account to download them.

Project Gutenberg has released many works for free download on the LibriVox site. Among the titles available in the collection are The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, which is one of the most popular works of English literature. In fact, the opening line of this novel is one of the most famous lines in English literature. This novel was written between 1796 and 1797. It was originally titled First Impressions but was never published under that name.

Project Gutenberg's policy of allowing any recording to be published

Project Gutenberg's policy of publishing any recording is one of the most controversial aspects of its operations. It allows any recording that meets certain criteria to be published. In some cases, it is not possible to publish the entire work in one place. In such cases, it is possible to combine parts of the recording. This policy has drawn criticism from authors and the public alike.

Project Gutenberg is the largest repository of copyrighted and public domain books on the internet. In addition to being available online, the library also provides books on DVD. Some publishers see the organization as an invasion of their turf. The website is free and offers over 50,000 titles, and it does not require cookies or money to access the material. You can even access the website without an Internet connection.

Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility was written by Jane Austen and published in three volumes in 1811. The novel was first titled Elinor and Marianne and was written as early as 1795. It is a satirical comic novel that depicts the lives of middle-class people in the early 19th century. The story follows the romantic relationships of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood.

The novel explores the concepts of insensibility and sensibility through the characters. In the novel, Marianne is the epitome of insensibility. Elinor, on the other hand, represents sensibility, but with traces of insensibility.

Sense and Sensibility follows the lives of two sisters named Elinor and Marianne Dashwood. The story begins with the death of their father, Henry Dashwood. The sisters' mother, Elinor, and younger sister Marianne, inherit a small portion of his fortune. The bulk of his wealth, however, goes to his son John from an earlier marriage.

Sense and Sensibility also explores the concept of balance. Despite the strong emotions that both characters feel, the logical, patient Elinor Dashwood finds a happy ending in her own terms. She manages to stay rational and patient, despite the fact that Edward is secretly engaged to another woman.

Sense and Sensibility has inspired numerous adaptations in film and television. In addition to three BBC mini-series, four period dramas, one movie-length feature, and several TV movies have been made based on the novel.

Alexandre Dumas's Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas's The Count Of Monte Cristo is one of his most famous novels. Originally published in 1844, the book is considered to be one of his most influential works. It was adapted into nearly 200 films and serials.

This classic novel is based on the true story of a shoemaker named Pierre Picaud, who is accused of spies by three jealous friends. Dumas rewrites the story from this account and uses it as the backdrop for his story.

The novel has several abridged versions. The most popular is the 1996 edition, read by Robin Buss. This version differs from Dumas' original in terms of the death of Fernand Mondego. It contains many changes, including the omission of a section in Rome. The book was translated into English by Henry L. Williams in 1892, who acted as translator.

Alexandre Dumas wrote several plays before turning to novels. He is a keen marketer, and he wrote several serial novels for newspapers. One of his plays was even adapted as a musical, gaining him recognition in France and abroad.

The Count of Monte Cristo was first published in 1844. It first appeared in the Journal des Debats. After the serialization, W. Francis Ainsworth translated the rest of the novel, and the serial version was serialized in Ainsworth's Magazine and The London Journal during the nineteenth century.

J. M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy

The story of Peter and Wendy is one of the most beloved stories of all time. The play first premiered in 1904, and the book was published in 1911. The story centers on the relationship between a young girl named Wendy and her father, Peter Pan. It has been the subject of a number of plays and film adaptations, and has remained popular ever since.

Although it is unclear whether Wendy is in love with Peter, she becomes the mother to the lost boys. The two are often referred to as "mother" and "father" to the boys. In addition to playing the mother-daughter roles in different stories, Peter and Wendy play the roles of married couple in many games.

The story is a classic example of children's literature, as it explores the moral and emotional development of children. In this story, a young girl named Wendy Darling convinces her father to let her stay in his house as his "mother." Peter then takes her to Neverland, where she meets the Lost Boys and has adventures with pirates. Ultimately, Peter defeats the villain Captain Hook and returns home with Wendy and her siblings.

Years later, Peter returns to Wendy. Wendy has a daughter named Jane, and she has married one of the Lost Boys, Tootles, but this character was removed before Barrie published the play. Wendy's daughter Jane, who has grown up, agrees to be Peter's new mother. They are then joined by her daughter Margaret.


LibriVox  Wikipedia

LibriVox is a community of volunteers who record public domain texts. These recordings are available under a Creative Commons license. The catalogue currently contains over 4,500 unabridged books and shorter works. Unlike most online forums, LibriVox does not require payment to download or use audio files.

It is available under Creative Commons licenses

Creative Commons licenses allow for free distribution of content. LibriVox is a volunteer-run project and all of its content is free to listen to. It also falls within the public domain. However, some content is protected from use by others under copyright laws.

LibriVox has more than 150 audiobooks, most of which are in English. Hundreds of people have contributed audio versions of popular books. Most are available under Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication. This license allows others to use them for free and distribute them to a broader audience.

Creative Commons licenses come in many different varieties. The two most popular are Restates of Public Domain and Creative Commons Attribution. Restates of Public Domain are available to the public but give the author more control over their work. Most Creative Commons licenses permit reuse, redistribution, remixing, and redistributing the work as long as proper citation is given.

The Creative Commons board includes Hal Abelson, Glenn Otis Brown, Michael W. Carroll, and Catherine Casserly. The board also includes Don McGovern and Eric Miller. The organization is managed by a board of directors and a technical advisory board. While the board has embraced Creative Commons and helped artists and authors, critics say that the licensing model doesn't go far enough.

It is not like other forums

The LibriVox forums are designed for project management, which means that topics in them are prioritized based on importance to the project. Posts that are no longer relevant are deleted. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot post in them! The only thing you should avoid is being abusive or using profanity.

It has a catalogue of over 4,500 unabridged books and shorter works

LibriVox is a free service that makes a large collection of unabridged books and shorter works available to listeners. Their catalog contains over four thousand titles, including 55 percent fiction, 25 percent non-fiction, and 20 percent poetry. While the majority of titles are recorded in English, the service offers audiobooks in 31 different languages. This includes Chinese, French, and German. They also have recordings in Urdu and Tagalog.

In addition to its extensive catalog of unabridged books, LibriVox also has a database of short works, including plays and religious texts. The company also produces a small number of contemporary works, such as the 9/11 Commission Report.

While LibriVox makes good faith efforts to ensure all text in its catalog is public domain in the United States, this is not always possible. Listeners and readers must determine whether a text is public domain in their country and abide by its copyright laws. A list of country-by-country guidelines can be found on Wikipedia.

It does not ensure that the texts recorded are public domain

While LibriVox makes good faith efforts to ensure that texts recorded are in the public domain, this is not always the case. For example, while works in the United States are generally public domain, they are not necessarily free to use and distribute in other countries. In such cases, readers and listeners should do their own research to ensure the texts are in the public domain in their country. You can find guidelines on copyright laws in each country on Wikipedia.

While LibriVox records texts that are not in the public domain, the vast majority of the content is in the public domain. Several factors are involved, including the author's intention and the recording process. LibriVox volunteers can make a big difference in the preservation of a text. They can be a huge influence over the content and community of LibriVox.

LibriVox encourages volunteers to narrate public domain books. These recordings are then released under public domain licenses. This project has produced some incredible recordings, which are now available to listeners everywhere. Many of the volunteers are not professional audio engineers or narrators, but their love of books comes through in their recordings.

One of the best examples of LibriVox's work is Anne of Green Gables. The book was recorded between August 2006 and March 2007 and contains 22 chapters. The first chapter introduces the recording and states "This is a LibriVox recording." The next chapter provides an updated and more detailed introduction. This pattern continues through the remaining fifteen chapters.

LibriVox is run by a community of volunteers throughout the world. These volunteers record public domain texts and then release them as free audiobooks and chapters of books. This means that the audio files are freely available, but this does not guarantee the texts are in the public domain.

LibriVox Audiobooks - YouTube

LibriVox Audiobooks  YouTube

Did you know that you can listen to LibriVox Audiobooks for free on YouTube? It might seem a little bit strange at first, but this site is actually a legitimate source for audiobooks. It doesn't charge for these audiobooks, so you can listen to them without worrying about plagiarism. It also complies with copyright laws, which protect audiobooks from plagiarism and prevent them from circulating freely on the web.

LibriVox Audiobooks are free

LibriVox is a great app that helps you find and download free audio books. You can search their database by genre, title, or author. They also have an option to add your voice to their list of readers, which is very helpful for those who want to be part of the recording process.

You can download LibriVox audiobooks for free to your computer, mobile device, or mp3 player. You can also subscribe to their feed to get new releases in your favorite genre or language. There are also several ways to listen to individual chapters, such as listening online, downloading them to your computer, or burning them to a CD.

Another great feature of LibriVox is its community-driven nature. There are books uploaded daily, and you can also work with other readers to submit your own projects. This makes it easy to create multiple audiobooks in a short period of time. Moreover, LibriVox is compatible with Google Cast and Android Carplay, so you can listen to audiobooks while you're working.

If you're looking for a new read, you can start with the classic Dracula. This classic novel is a classic and is one of the most popular vampire stories. It explores the conflict between chastity and lust. While Dracula didn't invent the concept of vampires, his work was instrumental in popularizing the concept and bringing vampires to life. The story also features Jonathan Harker, a psychiatrist, and a fair maiden.

Another classic read by Jane Austen is Pride and Prejudice. This classic novel has one of the most famous lines in English literature. The five Bennett sisters try to find a wealthy single man, and sparks fly between the two sisters. Ultimately, it's Elizabeth who is the most offended by Mr. Darcy, but the book has a message that reaches beyond the characters in the novel.

Another option to listen to a classic book is the free audiobook editions of books. You can listen to these audiobooks online or download them onto your computer. The free audiobooks are provided by various nonprofit organizations, and you don't have to pay a dime to download them.

LibriVox audiobooks are also available online. You can find a wide variety of stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Some of the free titles include the Return of Sherlock Holmes and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. These books are a great way to learn more about the famous fictional detective.

They are available on YouTube

YouTube is a great place to find free audiobooks. There are several free options, such as podcasts or mp3 files of audiobooks. Some audiobooks are even free, if they are public domain. While you may not want to download the entire book, you can choose one or two parts to listen to.

LibriVox is a non-profit and ad-free service. Volunteers record audiobooks of works in the public domain. These audiobooks are then made available to the general public. Anyone can listen to them for free and use them for personal use.

Listen to some of the world's greatest works by famous authors. Among the most well-known is the classic Pride and Prejudice. It has one of the most famous opening lines in English literature. The original manuscript of the book was written in 1796 and 1797. It was originally called First Impressions but was never published under that name.

Audible is another popular option to download free audiobooks. The website allows you to browse its catalogue to find the audiobooks you want. You can also search for specific books or different readers. YouTube even has entire channels dedicated to free audiobooks. LibriVox also maintains its own YouTube channel where you can listen to modern authors reading their own works.

There are thousands of free books on the LibriVox website. The free app makes browsing the catalog easier. You can browse the site by title, author, or genre and download a free audiobook. The app also includes unlimited bookmarks and sleep timers.

There are also audiobooks available on Spotify and YouTube. Although these are free, the collection is not as big as LibriVox. Most of the titles are in the public domain and not contemporary bestsellers. So, it's not an ideal option for those with busy schedules.

They are a type of plagiarism

You may be wondering if LibriVox Audiobooks are deemed a form of plagiarism, but this question is not as straightforward as you might think. The site's policy allows any recording of a book, but it requires the reader to be faithful to the source text. For this reason, LibriVox audiobooks may not be the most faithful recordings, and they may have imperfections or background noise. In addition, many LibriVox books are narrated by a single reader.

LibriVox audiobooks are not a form of plagiarism, but they are public domain books. You should be aware of this if you are using them for academic purposes. LibriVox is a free online audiobook platform with readers from different languages. Because of this, LibriVox is also useful for language learners.

LibriVox Audio Books Catalog

LibriVox Audio Books Catalog

If you want unlimited access to over 40,000 free audio books, LibriVox is the right place to start. Its volunteer community of volunteers has recorded thousands of public domain texts, and it makes it easy for you to listen to them at your convenience. These audio books are available for free online and at your local library.

LibriVox is a community of volunteers who record public domain texts

LibriVox is a free website where volunteers record public domain texts and publish them as audiobooks for free download. The site has more than 12,500 audiobooks, in more than 90 different languages. This includes a wide range of texts, from the popular classics of literature to obscure texts. It features both solo readings by individual readers and contributions to group recordings.

To become a volunteer reader for LibriVox, you can sign up and participate in a reading project. Typically, these projects start on the LibriVox Forum. Registered users can post their reading materials to the forum and guest readers can sign up to participate. Most readers use a microphone and free recording software called Audacity.

LibriVox has evolved over the years. In just a few years, it has successfully completed more than 10,000 projects. It has recorded over 1,000 items each year from 2009 to 2017. In addition to public domain texts, LibriVox has created online spaces where its members can interact and exchange ideas. These spaces include a catalog database, forums, and audio recordings.

The texts that LibriVox records are available for free. Volunteers agree to release the audio files into the public domain, and this means that anyone can use them for personal, educational, and commercial purposes. In addition to a community of volunteers, LibriVox is also an organization dedicated to making public domain texts available in audio format.

LibriVox was founded by Hugh McGuire in August 2005. It has since evolved and expanded to accommodate more languages, more readers, and more projects. The website's audio recording practices have also been refined and adapted.

It offers unlimited access to 40,000 free audio books

If you love audiobooks, you'll love the LibriVox Audio Books catalog. It offers access to over 40,000 free audio books with no ads, and you can listen on your computer, mobile device, or both. The free library includes books from all over the world, including popular works by authors and those from the public domain. You can even search for a specific book by keyword. You can save unlimited books and bookmark them for later listening.

If you enjoy free audio books, LibriVox's catalog is the best place to start. Its vast selection of over 40,000 free audio books means you can find an interesting title no matter where you are. It also allows you to listen to books in a variety of genres, including non-fiction. Its catalogue is constantly updated, which makes it easy to find the book you want.

While you can download free audio books from LibriVox, there are also paid options available. Audible's paid subscription plans include an all-you-can-eat library of over 500,000 titles, with some free audiobooks. If you aren't comfortable with paying for audiobooks, you can also download thousands of free books from LibriVox's Plus Catalogue.

For more classic audio books, check out Free Classic Audiobooks. The free audiobooks are available in MP3 and M4B formats for iPods and iTunes. The audio books can be streamed over the Internet or downloaded for offline use. To find the books you like, simply type in the title of the book or author and choose the format you prefer. There are over 7,000 audio books available, including popular classics and modern favorites.

LibriVox Audio Books Catalog is available in English and other languages. You can listen to public domain books in different languages and download MP3 files. Many books are long and are broken up into multiple files. You can choose a book that's right for you or a genre.

It is available at local libraries

You can find thousands of free audio books on the internet through LibriVox, a catalog of public domain audiobooks. The site is supported by hundreds of volunteers who make the books available for free. The catalog features both fiction and non-fiction titles and spans the world's literature. LibriVox audiobooks can be listened to at local libraries or downloaded for free on your computer.

Audiobooks can be obtained through your local library's online catalog or through subscription services. The online version is free and includes over 50 thousand audiobooks in the public domain. The audio books are read by volunteers and are available in formats such as mp3 and ogg. Libby is another free alternative that you can use to listen to audio books.

To download an audiobook from the LibriVox website, all you need is a library card. The website is based on a database of more than 30,000 libraries worldwide, which is continually expanding. To get started, simply sign up for an account and sign in with your local library.

Another source of free audiobooks is the Internet Archive. This nonprofit organization allows anyone to access millions of items online for free. It has audio books in the public domain and is ad-free. Most of its projects are in English, but it is possible to find books in other languages as well. It is also important to keep in mind that some titles are only available in audio form.

It is available online

If you love reading, but aren't able to find the time to go to a bookstore, you can download free audiobooks from LibriVox. LibriVox is an organization of volunteer readers who record public domain books. They then release these recordings onto the internet. The goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books. The LibriVox website has an extensive catalog of e-audiobooks, so you can easily find and download free audio books.

The LibriVox Audio Books Catalog features a wide range of titles for all ages and tastes. For example, you can listen to the classic science fiction novel, The Time Machine, read by Mark Nelson. In this audiobook, a German scientist discovers an ancient runic message containing a map of a hollow earth. In the course of researching this ancient runic message, he and his nephew embark on a perilous journey down an Icelandic volcano and into the interior of the Earth. This audiobook is available online as well as in various other formats.

For those looking for a literary classic, the LibriVox Audio Books Catalog has an extensive list of titles available in the online store. You can find works by authors such as Mary E Wilkins, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sara Orne Jewett, Oscar Wilde, and many others. The online catalog contains links to the full text of each book and information about the recording. There is also information about the readers and the M4B format.

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The stories were originally published as standalone stories in Strand Magazine, which were later compiled into one volume. His astute observation and logic have made him a beloved character of literature.

It is available on mobile devices

With LibriVox, you can download thousands of free audiobooks. The app allows you to browse by genre, title, author, and more. You can also bookmark sections of a book for later listening. It's free to download and available on Apple's iOS and Android devices.

The LibriVox Audio Books Catalog is designed to be accessible on mobile devices, and the website is available in many different languages. There are over 24,000 audiobooks on the site, and over 1,000 new projects are added each year. You can listen to any book in any language you like, on any device. LibriVox is a great way to reach non-English-speaking patrons.

LibriVox is a nonprofit organization that provides free audiobooks to anyone who wants to listen. Volunteer readers provide the content. These people read public domain books that have been published before 1923. Volunteers do not need to audition or have any prior recording experience. Once you download the audio files, you can share them with other people who would like to listen to the same books.

LibriVox offers a huge collection of free audiobooks in the public domain. These are read by volunteers worldwide. You can download these audiobooks to your computer, iPod, or mobile device. You can also download books in other languages. For example, you can download audiobooks of Pride and Prejudice, Mrs. Dalloway, and Lady Chatterly's Lover for free. Another great resource is the Open Textbook Library, which is run by the University of Minnesota. This website provides a directory of free, peer-reviewed academic textbooks.

Another great audiobook app is Hoopla. This service relies on public library catalogs. You'll need a public library subscription to access the service, and some libraries restrict how many books you can download each month. You can also download free audiobooks from the public domain on your mobile devices. If you don't have a library subscription, you can also try Loyal Books, which stock a large library of free audiobooks based on public domain titles. You can find classic titles as well as modern fiction and non-fiction titles.

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