Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman is a global #1 bestselling author, speaker and 25 year veteran of the advertising and digital marketing industries. Leslie is currently the founder and CEO of Lead Networks, which offers software and one-on-one digital marketing training at the best of 23 top agencies.


is an American actress. She is known for her role as Lauren on The WB sitcom What I Like About You, and for her frequent collaborations with Ryan Murphy, appearing as Mary Cherry on The WB’s comedy-drama series Popular (1999–2001), and as various characters on the FX anthology series American Horror Story since 2017. (Source:In 2017, she joined the cast of the seventh season of American Horror Story as Meadow Wilton and a flashback version of the infamous serial killer and Manson Family gang member, Patricia Krenwinkel. (Source:

She later appeared in the ninth season as Camp Redwood’s owner Margaret Booth. She returned for the tenth season as a strong-willed literary agent named Ursula. Her appearances on the show mark the fourth collaboration between Grossman and Ryan Murphy, having appeared on Popular, Nip/Tuck, The New Normal, and American Horror Story.

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While speaking about "American Horror Story," Ryan Murphy, and how to play a snarky character, Grossman also explained how she and Paulson became friends in the first place. "We knew each other before Horror Story. Actually, we met years and years and years ago, like maybe 15 years earlier," Grossman revealed. "We had friends in common, but we never really had a chance to hang out." (Source: www.looper.com

Sarah Paulson has been appearing on "American Horror Story" since the very first season and while Leslie Grossman is a more recent addition to the rotating cast of regular players, she has made a strong mark on the series since making her debut in "American Horror Story: Cult." Both actors appeared in dual roles in the recently wrapped "American Horror Story: Double Feature."

During her hiatus from ‘American Horror Story,” she worked on a show ‘Goliath’ which is now available for streaming on Amazon. Just like all the sets she has had the pleasure of working on, the cast was absolutely amazing and the writing so good. The work of the writers is what allows Grossman to be at the top of her game but let’s give her the credit she won’t give herself: she is a talented actress and it shows. But what about off screen? I wanted to know what was something about her that represents the “real” Leslie and her answer hit home: “I would say overthinking everything. Taking something and turning it over in my mind until I drive myself crazy, that would be classic Leslie.” (Source: vulkanmagazine.com Being an actress is a tough job but if anyone can wear that title correctly, it’s Leslie. I mean come on, have you seen her in front of the camera? Currently starring on the new season of ‘American Horror Story,’ Grossman is excited to be back on set of the infamous series: “every year the cast is so incredible and we always have such a great time together and I feel like that chemistry translates onto the screen,” she shared happily. She plays the character of ‘Margaret Booth’ who owns the camp and who reopens it after having survived a massacre–she wants to cleanse it…Spooky!! I don’t know if I would go to such a camp but then again I guess that’s what makes it all the more exciting. Something to think about. (Source:vulkanmagazine.com))





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