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Lela Star

Important Facts About Lela Star Tiktok

Have you ever wondered how rich Lela Star Tiktok is? You can read this article to learn more about this famous Thai model and actress. We've compiled some important information about this lovely girl, including her height, weight, and birthday. You can also learn about her awards and collaborations. You can also keep up with her on Instagram - she has over 2.1 million followers. You can follow her on Instagram at @lelastartm.

Net worth

If you are curious about Lela Star's net worth, you've come to the right place. The model and actress has been making money on the adult entertainment scene since she entered the business. Lela Star has a net worth of $93 million, and has earned this amount from her career in adult entertainment. Lela Star was born on June 13, 1985, and is currently 34 years old. She is also quite popular on Instagram, with her followers increasing rapidly. While Lela Star has been married at one point in her life, her personal life has remained a secret.

The film actress has a large following on Instagram and TikTok. She is a prolific YouTuber and has collaborated with many big brands. Currently, Lela Star is dating Stephan Dorff. Lela Star is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys taking selfies. In addition to her net worth, she has an account on Onlyfans, which allows her fans to subscribe to her content. The cost of a subscription to this account is $5 a month. She also has a huge following on Instagram, with more than 2 Million followers.

Other notable TikTok influencers include Kristen Had and Loren Gray. She rose to fame after starring in the hit web series "Mishaps" on Brat's YouTube channel. Her recurring role on the show earned her nearly half a million followers as of December 2021. Her net worth is believed to be in the high seven figures. If you want to get a quick glimpse of Lela Star TkTok's wealth, you can check out her social media sites.


Lela Star is an American model and film actress. She was born on July 1, 1988 in California. She is quite popular on Instagram, where her following is rapidly increasing. In addition to her high-profile profile on Instagram, Lela Star has several personal accounts and has more than 2 million followers. Below, we will give you a quick look at some of her most important facts. You will find that she has a height of five feet and ten inches.

Lela Star is one of the most beautiful and popular stars of the 'Border Town' series. Her attractive personality has made her a dream girl for her fans worldwide. Her sexy looks and determination to fulfill her goals have earned her an adoring following among people all over the world. Although she has recently been single, Lela Star dated Stephen Dorff, a popular actor, before separating.

The actor has a thin figure and is a fitness buff. She enjoys working out and stays away from unhealthy foods. Moreover, she has dark brown hair and eyes and is slim. She has been spotted in the gym a number of times with friends. As such, her height is not that low, so you can be confident that she will keep up with your physique. Lela Star tiktok height is just a few inches below average.

While her actual height isn't known, she has a very impressive body size. She weighs 58 kilograms and is five feet one inch tall. She was born on June 13, 1985, and her height is just over five feet and one inch. She is not married, but has been dating other famous people for a long time. If you're looking for Lela Star Ticktok's height, make sure to check out her wiki page!


Lela Star is a popular Adult actress with an incredible physic. The model has a perfect body and is very pretty. In fact, Lela was once offered many modeling jobs, but she refused them. Her favorite foods are deep dish pizza, drops biscuits with sausage gravy, and hominy grits. She loves to watch movies and wear black and blue. She is currently 57 years old.

Although Lela Star is a social media superstar, her personal accounts on various platforms have a large fan base. The YouTube channel she created is titled Lelastar and has more than 50 videos. You can follow her on social media to keep up with the latest updates. Her Instagram account, @lelastarm, has more than 2.1 million followers. In addition to being a social media sensation, Lela Star also maintains a slim and fit body.

Lela Star was born in Cape Coral, Florida on 13 June 1987. Her parents were both business owners and nurses. She is a Christian and has a large fan base. Lela Star began her career in the ad*lt industry at an early age. She is currently a prominent actress in the Av industry and has millions of fans on social media. The actress is also a model. Keeping a healthy weight is an important part of success in any career, so it is important to maintain your overall health and fitness level.

Lela Star has a YouTube channel, Twitter account, Instagram account, and TikTok. She has a boyfriend, siblings, and parents. Her TikTok videos are full of cute kids and have a healthy body. You can follow her life on the social media to stay up to date. When you're online, don't forget to follow her TikTok page! You'll be glad you did!


Today is the day when one of the most popular Instagram personalities, Lela Star, celebrates her birthday. Born in California, Lela is 32 years old. Lela's birthday is a significant date in the world of celebrities, as many celebrities stand at least 6 feet tall. The tallest celebs have been known to become a favorite with girls. To mark her birthday, she'll be sharing some birthday photos with fans.

Born on July 1, 1985, Lela Star was born in California. She is best known for her pornographic film roles. However, her career has also included appearances in music videos, including the Kardinal Offishall song "Set It Off." Lela recently made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, as she was named the July 2010 Pet of the Month by Penthouse magazine. And since her birth, her Instagram followers have been increasing quickly.

In the world of pornography, Lela Star has been a mainstay of the adult industry. She won a number of awards, including the Adam Film World Guide Award and the NightMoves Award. She has also starred in ad campaigns for various Kanye West clothing lines. Although most of her fans know her from pornography films, she's also been featured in mainstream media such as the media.

Lela Star's zodiac sign is Gemini, which reflects her quick-witted and expressive personality. She's a sociable, communicative, fun-loving personality, but can suddenly turn serious and thoughtful when she needs to be. This is a sign of two personalities, and she is very curious. But, she shouldn't be contented with her riches. Instead, she should give back to the world through charity work.


The Instagram sensation, Lela Star, is married to a Thai man named Tikhok. They were married on July 1, 2013, and they have a daughter named Leila. The couple is a Christian couple. They met at an art auction, and they have two kids. Besides being famous for their Instagram posts, Lela is also a model. She has a following on Instagram, with more than 2 million followers.

The actress is 32 years old, and her exact date of birth is unknown. His height is also unknown. Some celebrities have six feet or more, and girls love tall guys. But when it comes to finding a husband, the most important factor is the quality of your personality. As for Lela Star, he's taller than the average guy, so he's sure to impress your lady love. You may be wondering if he's the type of man to marry a girl who's half-foot tall.

Lela Star - Facts About Her Body and Tattoos

lela star actor

If you're a fan of Lela Star, you may be interested in her Christian beliefs, tattoos, and skinny body. Read on for a quick list of facts and trivia about her. Despite her fame as an actress and model, Star has been an outspoken Christian. Here are some facts about her body and what she wears. She ranks at number 10,788 on the list. The other top celebrities with thin bodies are: Gillian Jacobs, Anthony E. Zuiker, Lou Adler, and George M. Bibb. You might also enjoy reading the bios for some of the most popular actresses of the last few years.

Lela Star is a Christian

Lela Star is an American actress, model, and bikini model. She has gained fame and fortune through her looks and body. Lela has acted in numerous movies, TV shows, and mainstream media. Despite her popularity and celebrity status, she is a Christian. She was born Danielle Nicole Alonso. To keep up with the latest news on Lela, follow her on Twitter. You can also find her on YouTube, where she has more than fifty videos uploaded.

After her debut in a porn film, Lela Star was discovered by her agent, Jim South. She appeared in more than 40 titles before signing with ClubJenna in June 2007. Star's casual approach to sex has gained her acclaim. Her mother was not surprised when she became involved in pornography. She is a Multiracial actress. While many women dream of becoming film actresses, parental controls can make it impossible.

While Lela is mostly known for her role in a Christian film, she is also making waves in the mainstream media. She has been featured in ad campaigns for popular rapper Kanye West's clothing line, and appeared in a music video for Kardinal Offishall's "Set It Off." Lela has also been named the July 2010 Pet of the Month in Penthouse magazine. The star was born on June 13, 1985.

In addition to acting, Lela Star is a model, as well. She has an impressive number of followers on Twitter and Instagram. She often posts hot photos, which attract an audience. Her body is also well proportioned. She is 5 feet, 1 inch tall and weighs 58 kg. She has a good shape and is a strong contender for a model of her kind. And if that is not enough, she can model for magazines as well.

She is a bikini model

Lela Star is an American actress and bikini model. She has gained fame and fortune by exploiting her body and looks. Her impressive body and looks have made her an attractive and desirable face in mainstream media. She has also starred in a number of movies. Lela is a Christian and was born Danielle Nicole Alonso. She has a large fan base on social media. Besides her successful acting career, Lela has also established her own personal Youtube channel, Lelastar, which has more than 50 videos.

Lela Star completed her schooling at the University of Florida. Although her educational background is not publicly known, she has performed in several movies and television shows. She has undergone a breast implant surgery in 2008 and was a contract girl for ClubJenna in 2007. Since then, she has appeared in several titles, and won numerous awards, including the Adam Film World Guide Award for Best Latina Starlet and Penthouse Pet of the Month in July 2010.

Despite her busy schedule, Lela Star has managed to maintain her perfect body. A true fitness fan, she works out regularly and abstains from eating junk food. She has dark brown hair and eyes, and is also a frequent visitor of the gym. Her body has been spotted in the gym several times with her friends. She is one of the most sought-after bikini models in the industry.

She has tattoos

Despite being a Latina, Lela Star is an American porn star with Cuban blood. She was born in Miami, Florida in 1985. In her early twenties, she moved to Los Angeles, where she pursued a career in pornography. Throughout her career, she has been nominated for several awards, including AVN and the coveted "Dream Girl" title. Lela Star has a variety of tattoos and operations on her body.

In the same way that Jennifer Hudson loves Johnny Cash, Lela also has tattoos on her arm and leg. One of her most prominent tattoos is a lion that represents feminism. The star also has a heart tattooed on her shoulder and a butterfly on her foot. Her tattoos also include the words "I believe," "Finn", and the number "5". She's also a big fan of reality television and is quickly becoming the most talked about face on the Internet.

While the world of porn stars is full of attractive sexy models with tattoos on their bodies, it's not uncommon to see actors with body art. Many pornstars are pierced at the navel, while others choose to put their nipples through an orifice. However, Lela Star is an exception. She's not only an actress, she's also a fan of missionary sex and loves looking into her partner's eyes while suckling a cock. In addition to her body art, she also has a tattoo of her father's name on her left wrist.

Although many lela pornstars are covered in tattoos, this star has a pretty impressive collection of them. Her thighs are extremely firm and she has a gorgeous pink pussy. Her lips are also very soft and pouty. While you might think it's hard to find a pornstar with tattoos, you can't ignore the fact that she's the most heavily tattooed.

She has a slim body

The lean, slender body of Lela Star has many fans. As a porn star, Lela Star has received a great deal of media attention. During her porn career, she has gained massive social media following and won several awards. In 2007 she became a sensational porn goddess after performing a music video featuring a hottie named Lela. Lela Star has been an actress and porn star for several years, and has had numerous cosmetic procedures to enhance her looks.

The slim body of Lela Star has been the subject of many rumors. The actress has been linked to several men since her first appearance in the porn industry. The first film she was in, "Lela undone in Clujbjanna's contract", featured three scenes. Lela Star had breast implants in 2008, and her breast size later decreased. She is also tattooed heavily, including on her thighs and back.

The thigh-high actress was discovered by an agent when she was only twenty-one years old. She started her career at an amateur production company and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in pornography full time. Lela's body is slim and she wears a size five shoe. She is 5 feet and one inch tall. She is a gemini and has a small waist.

The actor has dark brown hair and eyes. She loves going to the gym and stays away from unhealthy food. She has been photographed in the gym with close friends several times, and she has even been seen in the gym with them. Lela Star's slim body has been a feature of her career and her image. He has many fans on social media. This makes her even more popular. You can find more about her on her personal pages on Facebook and Twitter.

She has appeared in explicit adult films

Lela Star is an American porn star. She was born on June 13, 1985 in Miami, Florida. Her real name is Danielle Nicole Alonso, and she has enhanced 36C boobs. Lela first appeared in porn films with her sister, but her career quickly took off once she was signed to ClubJenna. The film industry has also been kind to Lela, and she has been the subject of several music videos.

The star actor has appeared in over 95 adult films and has worked for many different studios. Her career in the industry started early, and her parents did not object to her sexy choices. She describes herself as relaxed, and says her parents did not see anything odd about her choice of career. She has also appeared in mainstream videos, including Set It Off, and Penthouse magazine. In addition, she has appeared on The Howard Stern Show, but has not starred in commercials. Her estimated net worth is $0.8 million as of 2020.

In recent years, Lela Star has starred in several sexy movies with raunchy anal scenes. In 2007, she starred in the Evil Angel movie Slutty and Sluttier #2, as well as in Anal Delights 2 (2010) and Anal Delights #3 (2012), which were both nominated for Best Anal Release at the 2013 AVN Awards. In 2011, Lela starred with the actress Lexington Steele in Not Monday Night Football XXXVIII (2011), which was nominated for Best Interracial Release of the Year.

Despite being a bisexual, Lela Star has appeared in a variety of sex movies featuring lesbians. Her film career has also included numerous different fetishes, from tickling to foot fetish to the MILF next door. Her diverse career has allowed her to explore many taboos, including creampies and interracial scenes. Lela Star is currently a contract girl for the ClubJenna network.

LELA STAR - Fun Facts About the Actress


Currently, LELA STAR is one of the most famous people on the planet. She is the first Latina to be ranked on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Other people who have ranked higher than LELA STAR include Gillian Jacobs, Anthony E. Zuiker, Lou Adler, and George M. Bibb. Her accomplishments make her one of the most well-liked women in the world, according to Forbes.

Danielle Nicole Alonso

Danielle Nicole Alonso, LELA, is an American adult film actress and model. She was born on June 13, 1985, in Miami, Florida. In 2006, she was discovered by Jim South, a talent agent, and began working in hardcore films. Since then, her career has been blossoming and she has performed in numerous movies in the adult genre. Here, we look at some fun facts about the actress.

After finishing school, Danielle Nicole Alonso, LELA, began her career as a pornographer. She was first introduced to p*rn in 2007 and was a star in the Club Jenna group. In 2008, she starred in the music video "Set It Off" by Kardinal Offishall. The video landed her a major role in the adult film industry and earned her the Adam Film World Guide Award for Best Latin Starlet.

Alonso, Danielle Nicole, LELA STAR has applied for a federal trademark for this name. The trademark holder is entitled to royalties from any licensing or use of the name. The trademark registration is related to the entertainment services, which include modeling for adult films, live acting, and dancing. LELA STAR also offers visual pictures for adult entertainment on the Internet. There is no need to pay a licensing fee if the trademark owner has already received the right to use the name.

Lela Star is a Cuban-American siren who started her career in porn at the age of eighteen. Jim South discovered Lela and her pornography career began. She has starred in numerous hardcore films for various outfits. However, in 2016, Lela announced on her Twitter account that she would be retiring from adult films. Still, she is a highly sought-after porn star and has a net worth of $500 thousand.

Lela Star has an enormous fan following on social media. She has a personal YouTube channel, LelaStar, which has over 50 videos. Lela Star is very active on social media, but her personal life and relationships are private. The actress has never been married, and she is currently dating Stephan Dorff. She is a huge celebrity on Facebook and Twitter and has been a popular model on various sites.

Lela Star

In the beginning, Lela Star had no concept of what swag was. It was just a word that she saw around out there in the world. A word that she read somewhere in a book. But Lela Star also knew something about clothes. And she had a great imagination. So it was a match, really.


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Lela Aisha Jones (Assistant Professor) earned a B.S. in Health Science Education from the University of Florida, an M.F.A. in dance from Florida State University, and a Ph.D. from Texas Woman's University. Some of her most influential professional experiences have been in movement practice with Nia Love, Christal Brown | Inspirit, Barak Ade Sole, Moustapha Bangoura, Anssumane Silla, Sulley Imoro, Omi Osun Joni L. Jones, and Urban Bush Women. Founder of Lela Aisha Jones | FlyGround, Lela recently choreographed and performed with the Same Story Different Countries Project in Johannesburg and Cape Coast, South Africa (2017) directed by Dr. Lynnette Overby and in Onye Ozuzu's work at Dance Gathering in Lagos, Nigeria (2019). She presented her work Plight Release and the Diasporic Body at the African American Museum of Philadelphia with, and in response to, the work of visual artist and scholar Fahamu Pecou (2019). Her awards and honors include a 2015 Leeway Foundation Transformation Award and a 2016 Pew Fellowship in the Arts. Lela is grateful to continue her work as an artist scholar, movement performance artist, and interdisciplinary collaborator as a member of the faculty in the Bryn Mawr College Dance Program. (Source: www.brynmawr.edu)

Lela R. McKnight-Eily, PhD is a health scientist and clinical psychologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities’ Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) Prevention Team. She leads the team’s programmatic/scientific efforts to increase alcohol screening and brief intervention (alcohol SBI) in primary care to prevent risky alcohol consumption and harms like FAS. Prior to joining the FAS team, she led several initiatives within the CDC alcohol program with a focus on policy and has served as a lead scientist/subject matter expert for mental health and sleep work in National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. She came to CDC as an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer in 2005, in the Office on Smoking and Health’s Global Tobacco Control Program / Epidemiology Branch. (Source: www.cdc.gov)

Lela obtained an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University in 1998 (child development and musical arts). She completed a PhD in Clinical and School Psychology at the University of Virginia in 2003, followed by a pediatric psychology internship at Miami Children’s Hospital (autism diagnosis/treatment, behavioral medicine, early childhood evaluation) and a pediatric psychology post-doctoral fellowship through Emory University School of Medicine. (Source: www.cdc.gov)

Lela Hollabaugh has served as the lead trial lawyer in more than a dozen jury trials, as well as more than two dozen bench trials, arbitrations and administrative hearings. She advises leading natural gas pipeline companies and other infrastructure clients on issues involving location, land acquisition, construction and operations. Recently, she co-authored an amicus curiae brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in support of the industry’s position in the scope of the Natural Gas Act and the state’s 11 (Source: www.bradley.com)

Amendment immunity. Lela is currently advising on several large-scale pipeline projects in the east. She also represents leading pharmaceutical, medical device and other manufacturers in matters ranging from individual lawsuits to mass tort cases. She is actively involved in products liability and mass tort matters around the country. (Source: www.bradley.com)

Lela has served in several leadership positions in legal, industry, and government organizations. She is the former managing partner of the Bradley’s Nashville office. She is general counsel to the Nashville Bar Association, a trustee of the Nashville Bar Foundation, past president of the Nashville Bar Association, and a past member of the International Association of Defense Counsel’s Board of Directors. Lela is a past chair of the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility, and is listed on the American Arbitration Association’s (AAA) Roster of Neutrals for Commercial Litigation. She holds a J.D. and B.S. (with honors) from the University of Tennessee. (Source: www.bradley.com)


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