Lego Pirate Ship Best Prices

Lego Pirate Ship Best Prices

Lego Pirate Ship


The Lego Pirate Ship is a smaller boat compared to other ships in the Lego 10893 Pirate Ship theme. Ideal for kids to play with and a part of a great theme. The boat is filled with custom-made details, a treasure chest, compass, parrot and map that also lights up with a bright light. The boat is a Lego toy colour scheme of white, black and grey with a red top. There is a handy lift on top for saving space for storage.

LEGO Creator 3in1??s Pirate Ship (31109) set encourages kids?? creative play, featuring 3 models in 1: A classic Pirate Ship, rustic Pirates?? Inn and mysterious Skull Island. Building and rebuilding keeps the play going (Source:www.amazon.in)

Pirate Ship

The Lego Pirate Ship is a pirate ship made with Lego's classic pieces. It is the least expensive Lego prize that is available for purchase on the Lego website.

I can't say how much I appreciate Lego bringing out so many Pirate based builds this year. The three builds were really enjoyable with enough different techniques and variations that made each one unique. The Pirate ship was the most straight forward as it went through in bag order using most of the parts. The pub was a little less organised with parts spread across every bag, so basically just dump it all out and go searching. Skull island was about in the middle. The ship is very cool with a lot of fun playable features for kids, the gang plank into the sharks mouth especially had my mini-figs dreading going overboard. Skull Island mouth opening to the treasure cave was a very cool touch. The half-turn keeps it open so your mini-figs can either find the treasure or store their ill gotten gains. I would say these three sets have been the most fun builds I've done in a while. And in terms of display, I'm super happy as they go along with my Pirates of Barracuda Bay set perfectly. The photos show the 3 sets and I've started to do some detail work (some using the extra parts from sets). I especially love the switchable face on the striped shirt pirate as the fearful look lets you have a lot of fun. (as you can see from the shark photo). (Source:www.lego.com)






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