lavanderia font

lavanderia font


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Lavanderia Font is a calligraphy font that belongs to the Script typeface. It is an ideal typeface to be used in designs where you want to add a fun element. The font originated by a California typeface designer James T. Edmondson. The designer used to run his company, James T. Edmondson, in California, where he worked as a typeface designer throughout his career.

This script handwritten typeface Lavanderia Font was designed many years ago while keeping in mind the necessity of designing a font with a fun element. For branding projects, this font can be excessively used. The designer designed this font after being inspired by the font used on San Francisco’s Mission windows. It has many OpenType characteristics and includes 3 weights.

This stylish font has standard ligatures, contains contextual alternates, carries Titling alternates, stylistic alternatives, and many other Opentype features. If you are running a website that requires a modern and fun element, Lavanderia Font would be an ideal choice for this purpose. The designer got his hands on this amazing and stylish typeface under his own company James T. Edmondson based in California. (Source: freefontsfamily.com)

The font and its sub-family Regular Lavanderia Font have been used on many platforms and give a perfect touch to the design. Every designer made this typeface their first choice after its release. There is a long list of platforms where this font was seen being used in different ways with different fonts like whispers calligraphy font. Let’s put a light on a few platforms where this typeface was used or where you can use it in the future.

Lavanderia Font is free only for your personal and non-commercial projects. It comprises free and paid versions, and the paid version can be obtained after buying the license. The license is available on many reliable platforms. Get the licensing authority and enjoy its unique features.

It is an online tool that is used for many reasons. Above all, it let you create different Lavanderia Font Logos, Posters, banners, etc., free of cost without having the font in your system. Furthermore, it makes the font web-safe so that no compatibility issue comes. (Source: freefontsfamily.com)



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