Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson

A collaboration between Stylinson, the London-based wedding-advice menswear brand, and Ben Ayliffe, stylist to the stars and founder of Stylinson, who was a friend of the company. The collection gives a contemporary take on classic suit silhouette, new model and without the luxury price tag.


The tattoos will commemorate their friendship — but they also carry a much deeper meaning, even though at first glance they're just a pair of cute little birds. In fact, here they are as seen on one incredibly famous chest: that of One Direction band member Harry Styles.

I have never thought "Okay, well maybe this is all fake." There is too much evidence to the contrary and the fact that their bodies are literally littered with matching tattoos is enough to convince most. The stark contrast in public narrative vs actions is too disparaging to ignore. I'm a very literal and logical person and I have looked at this situation every which way and each time I do I come to the same conclusion, which is that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in love with each other. (Source:


Some One Direction fans view this affection as an obvious sign of more than friendship. The anonymous blogger behind Sex at Oxbridge, a well-known tell-all blog run by a 20-something student in London, found herself drawn to the Larry ship in 2013, totally by chance and purely on the strength of Styles and Tomlinson's interactions with one another. Speaking to Vox via email, the blog's author — known on the web only as SAO — said she was shocked when she realized they weren't actually a couple:

There have been many iterations of these subgroups in various fandoms over the years. For example, fans of The Lord of the Rings have theorized and speculated about clandestine relationships between cast members; the same is true for the TV series Supernatural. And it's a fairly common occurrence with ships involving touring bandmates and members of pop groups. (To give credit where it's due, sometimes the conspirators turn out to be entirely correct, such as when Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson revealed they were dating in secret after working together on the set of Twilight.) (Source: www.vox.com)


Usually tinhatters comprise just a small portion of an otherwise diverse fandom. But the belief that Larry Stylinson is real has become such a popular and dominating theory among One Direction fans that it often dwarfs other branches of the One Direction community. For more than four years — that's at least as long as people have been quantifying Tumblr's tag usage and noting Twitter's frequently Larry-centric worldwide hashtag trends — the ship has been one of the largest elements of the One Direction fandom, which itself is one of the largest fandoms on the internet.

But these good intentions have led to some unfortunate complications. Most of the support for Larry being real is rooted in the way fans interpret the physical intimacy between Styles and Tomlinson. But those who keep the closest eye on such things also note that there's been a sharp drop in their level of physical intimacy. Since 2011, Styles and Tomlinson have gone from joking about posing for photos "with our arms around each other" to rarely standing next to each other in public. (Source: www.vox.com)


Harry and Louis were the only ones to move in together after forming the band, and they tweeted about being domestic together and cuddling up in bed watching TV or whatever, and their moms and other people talked about how inseparable they were. Of the possible pairs they seemed especially snuggly and close. Also, there's no graceful way to say this, but, well, I think Louis pings quite a few people as gay (or he fits some of the stereotypes). Harry struck a lot of people as potentially gay or bi because he seemed to go out of his way to use gender-neutral pronouns when the group got asked the typical boy band questions, like "What do you look for in a girl?" and he comes across as pretty laid-back about sexuality in general.

Truthfully, neither Louis nor Harry can do anything without the Larries speculating. This information overload seems to serve a strategic purpose in creating such a cognitive overload that whenever there is “proof” that has any bit of logic, we give in because just maybe it could be true. Right now we stand at the cusp of something great: Louis Tomlinson is going to come out as gay, and soon after Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson will finally reveal their relationship to the world. Or perhaps (even if Louis does come out as gay), two young musicians who used to be in a band together will continue to find a place for themselves as solo artists. (Source: www.thepitchkc.com)



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