Kyle griffin san antonio

Kyle griffin san antonio

kyle griffin

Kyle Griffin has been seen as one of the most well-known and respected journalists and commentators online. He's President and Managing Editor of CNN Digital and has reported and edited for CNN and other networks and publications. He has reported from around the world and won a 28 time Emmy.


Spcs. Kyle A. Griffin, Zachiariah W. Long and Michael T. Gleason were among the soldiers traveling from Mosul to Tikrit in a three-vehicle convoy — two Humvees and a light medium tactical vehicle — during a storm May 30. A civilian vehicle dodged a pothole, causing the Humvees to swerve. There was not enough stopping distance between the vehicles, and the LMTV swerved off the road and turned over, causing the death of three soldiers.

“Thanks to people like Kyle, our freedom endures today,’’ said Maj. Gen. Zannie O. Smith, deputy commanding general at Fort Bragg.

Kyle Griffin ’08 is a senior producer at MSNBC, who has over 900,000 Twitter followers. He will offer a personal perspective on the field, and not be representing the news station. Video journalist Jackson Wang ’14 reports news in and around the Capital Region for Spectrum News. Both were proud communications majors who worked on the Chronicle.

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