Kuroo Testuro

Kuroo is noted to be tall and thin with a muscular, but slender frame. Kuroo's features appear sly, with narrowed eyes and hazel colored cat-like pupils. His black hair is in a his bed-head style, with fringe on his right side that partially covers his right eye; as a result, he's occasionally called "Rooster Head". He is often seen wearing a black shirt, red sweat pants, and the Nekoma High jacket. During official matches, he wears the Nekoma uniform numbered with a '1.'  

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Haikyuu Timeskip Finally Reveals Kuroo's Future Career

Haikyuu's speeding towards its final chapter ever in just a couple of days, and one of the best parts of its final timeskip arc is seeing where all of our favorites have gone after graduating from their respective high schools. Now with the penultimate chapter of the series, series creator Haruichi Furudate has finally answered one lingering question fans have had...where is Tetsuro Kuroo? The final arc of the series has given us significant future updates for many of the characters, but Kuroo's has one of the most significant future careers yet as the series heads into the finale.

). Once Bokuto was able to help Tsukishima get a better understand of what benefits will come out of hard work, Kuroo helps the ace in dragging Tsukishima into blocking practice as 'payment' for their words of wisdom. During that practice, Kuroo instructed Tsukishima on proper blocking techniques and how to position his hands to give him the best chance to prevent injuries. (Source:

The following night, Hinata and Lev ask to join the practice; although Kuroo would question Lev if he was allowed to be there since he was suppose to be working with Yaku on improving his receives. Kuroo then suggests a 3-on-3 with the taller players being on one team and the shorter players as the second team. They were able to play a brief game until Fukurōdani's managers warned them of the cafeteria closing and they would need to end their game or risk not getting any dinner. During another free practice, Tsukishima asks him why he’s helping them so much even though they’re opponents. When Kuroo tries to play it off as always being kind, Hinata and Tsukishima stare at him in disbelief. Kuroo then reveals that he wants to make the Trashcan Showdown happen since he doesn’t know how long Coach Nekomata would stay on the team. In order to make this a reality, Kuroo states that Karasuno will need all the help they can get and he is willing to offer his own assistance to help them get stronger. As they begin another 3-on-3 match, Kuroo continues to instruct Lev and Tsukishima on how to block Bokuto. He eventually joins the two in a triple block when Hinata is given a last hit; an act that Bokuto calls them out on. However, Hinata was able to get the better of them when he performed a block-out against Lev's fingers. Kuroo complimented Hinata on the attack while Hinata tried to explain that his aim normally isn't that great. (Source:

On the final day of the camp, Shibayama presents a list of the present teams and what their total wins and losses are; Nekoma being the second strongest. The team then watches as Karasuno carries out yet another penalty lap. When Yaku states how serious Hinata, calling him Shorty, is about the flying lap, Lev teases Yaku for not being much taller than Hinata. Yaku immediately retaliates and Kuroo simply states that he is not able to help Lev since he brought the act on himself. Kuroo is able to take quick peeks at Karasuno's match against Fukurōdani and sees how well Tsukishima is playing. (Source: haikyuu.fandom.com)

After Fukunaga scores a point, Kuroo receives great praise from the announcers on his reliability as a blocker and that his receiving of high quality; being referred to as an opposing spiker's worst nightmare. Kuroo further demonstrates his blocking abilities when he is able to get Hinata to spike where Fukunaga was waiting to receive, and then repeats the same action to allow Yamamoto to make a receive. When Tsukishima rotates into the front row, Kuroo becomes intrigued when the first year admits he did not believe he could beat someone stronger than himself. When Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are able to stop Fukuanga with the serve and block technique, Kuroo is immediately blamed by Yaku for Tsukishima's increase in skill though Kuroo would say that half of it was Tsukishima's own doing. Kuroo would then ask Tsukishima how volleyball has been for him and Tsukishima would answer that lately, with Kuroo's help, it's fun at times



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