One of the most popular online content providers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kurir is one of few websites with editorial offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For more than 10 years, Kurir has been leading the media market in Bosnia and Herzegovina with its strong local content.


Kurir first issue appeared at the news stands on 6 May 2003. While Kurir's history is relatively short, it is also a checkered one. It goes back to the state of emergency, declared following the assassination of Serbia's Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić, when another daily tabloid named Nacional was shut down.

many credit Kurir for providing the final nudge to Prime Minister Zoran Živković's shaky government, in effect forcing it to call early elections for 28 December 2003. Throughout fall of 2003, Kurir ran stories of dodgy voting practices in Serbian parliament and blasted the ruling coalition (DOS) MP Neda Arneric for misusing her parliamentary voting rights. (Source:They also wrote to no end about Minister of the Interior Dušan Mihajlović's alleged shady deals done through his own Lutra company. Sources that supplied Kurir with all this insider info appear to be members of G17 Plus which led some observers to accuse this party's leadership of deliberate character-assassination by feeding information to a tabloid they knew would publish anything. (Source:

Later, they turned on National Bank of Serbia governor Radovan Jelašić (also from G17 plus). The issue was his plush villa in the elite Belgrade suburb of Dedinje that governor said he bought for 350,000 euros. Kurir on the other hand claimed it could not have cost under million and a half and finally even found a buyer who offered Jelasic a million for the house. This buyer was, it turned out, business tycoon Bogoljub Karic which was strong opponent of G17 plus policies, and during this period Kurir was heavily influenced by Bogoljub Karic.

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Kurir‘s first encounter with graffiti was during a walk with his older sister when she showed him a large wall along the train tracks. Kurir wondered how it was possible for someone to paint so big in such a difficult location. When he got older he came in contact with other kids that were into graffiti and the passion took over. Back then it was very connected to rap and skateboarding and you were supposed to be good at everything! Today, graffiti is a part of Kurir‘s life in a very natural way, and it’s something he feels will always be there. It‘s a part of life he refuses to do without, and we’re very happy to hear that. (Source: www.scandichotels.com)

Kurir is a high-circulation daily tabloid published in Belgrade. Its first issue appeared at the news stands on May 6, 2003. Kurir's tone is abrasive, direct and irreverent. It runs sensationalist stories that other publications won't touch. Although the paper heavily relies on celebrity gossip, it also achieved considerable political influence. (Source: www.definitions.net)

Kurir dari masing masing jasa pengiriman yang akan mengambil barang anda (Source: paket.id bluestarstrategies.com bluestarstrategies.com)))Kurir: NATO should be ashamed that does not allow admission of qualified partner due to iSally Painter was featured in Macedonia's Kurir newspaper on how the country remains the best prepared for NATO admission and that it should happen at the summit in Britain. (Source:solated dispute (Source:




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