koreatown atlanta

koreatown atlanta

koreatown atlanta

Korea’s second-largest city, home to 3. 6 million people and the busiest airport in the country.

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So you are probably over Gangnam style by now and some of you may have even tried some Korean BBQ and come across a K-pop music video or K-drama clips online. Do some or all of these seem pretty new and interesting, but you aren’t sure where to go in order to experience more? Asking your Korean friends or co-workers a host of questions really doesn't get you anywhere, and the direct flight to Seoul from Atlanta takes over 14 hours. So what do you do now? Don’t look far! Just put Gwinnett on your itinerary – the Seoul of the South, your very own local K-town.

A deep­-fried, oversaturated Sunday afternoon after church. Meat n’ threes and glasses of sweet iced tea. Iconic performers like James Brown. Otis Redding. Ray Charles. The vibe and gritty swing of the music. When you think about the South you can’t help but think about soul.

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Location Koreatown (california) :

The Hotel Indigo Atlanta Airport College Park is located 3 km from the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Guests can enjoy an on-site restaurant and a free airport transfer service. This hotel is located 11.95 from the city center Santa Maria.


Koreatowns in the western countries such as the United States, Canada have only been in place much later with the Los Angeles Koreatown receiving official recognition in 2008. Also many Koreatowns are not officially sanctioned where the only evidence of such enclaves exist as clusters of Korean stores with Korean signage existing only on the storefronts. In the 1992 Los Angeles riots, many Korean businesses were targeted where the signage only served to point out targets for rioters. In Philadelphia's Koreatown, anti-Korean sentiment was so strong that official signage was often vandalized as residents protested the "official recognition" of such areas, making many Koreatowns across the western countries never having official statuses that many Chinatowns receive today. Many Koreatowns today exist in a suburban setting as opposed to the urban settings of Chinatown mainly because many ethnic Koreans, especially in the western countries, fear crime that is often associated with the city dwellings and the higher quality of schools as education is often a top priority, which is why the Philadelphia Koreatowns exist in suburban settings such as Cheltenham, Pennsylvania instead of its original location in the Olney section of Philadelphia.

Buenos Aires's 'Barrio Coreano' is in the neighborhood of Flores, specifically in the south of this neighborhood. The primary artery of the district is Avenida Carabobo, which houses various Korean businesses and organizations, including restaurants, beauty salons, a Korean school (Instituto Coreano Argentino) and churches, among others. In recent years, there has been a huge move from the Bajo Flores towards the Avellaneda Avenue, the reason being the increasing theft and insecurity around the slums close to Avenida Castanares. What some might call these days "The New Koreatown" has been increasing in size at a faster rate while the shops in Avenida Carabobo have been closing. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Along the North Road (from Delestre Ave (South) to Burquitlam Skytrain Station (North)), the sizable supermarkets such as Hannam Supermarket and H mart, hair shops, Korean restaurants, bars, law firms, accountant offices, realty offices, child care, clinics, auto repair shops are densely populated. For a few years, followed by the housing boom, the number of Korean Canadian population has been increased in Langley, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Mission and Abbotsford, and more businesses are opening up shops and offices in east Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

The majority of Korean shops in Albany Park can be found along Lawrence Avenue (4800 North) between Kedzie (3200 West) and Pulaski (4000 West). This particular section of Lawrence Avenue has been officially designated by the city of Chicago as "Seoul Drive" because of the multitude of Korean-owned enterprises on the street. Although many of the Korean Americans in the neighborhood have been moving to the north suburbs in recent years, it still retains its Korean flavor. Every year there is a Korean festival, and the neighborhood is home to a Korean television station (WOCH-CD Ch. 41) and radio station (1330 AM) as well as two Korean-language newspapers. There are still many Korean businesses interspersed among the newer Mexican bakeries and Middle Eastern grocery stores. Approximately 45% of the businesses on this particular stretch of Lawrence Avenue are owned by Korean-Americans. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Dallas has the largest Korean American community in Texas and second (to Atlanta) in the southern United States. Instead, large signs situated at the intersection of Harry Hines Boulevard and Royal Lane proclaim the area as the Asian Trade District. The signs also feature depictions of a red and blue "taeguk," a symbol that is prominently featured on the national flag of South Korea, thereby acknowledging the specifically Korean affiliation of the district. This area in the northwest part of the city is characterized by a large number of Korean-owned businesses serving the city's sizable Korean American community, concentrated along a 1.5 mile strip of Royal Lane between Luna Rd and Harry Hines Blvd. Although Korean business is undoubtedly the most dominant in the area, there are isolated Chinese and Vietnamese businesses as well. Another Koreatown can be found in Carrollton, Texas, which is part of the greater DFW area. This area is referred to as "New Koreatown" by locals, due to it growing from the arrival of Hmart to the city. Over the years, more and more restaurants and shops have opened around the Hmart. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



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