Kobe Bryant Net Worth

Kobe Bryant Net Worth

Kobe Bryant Net Worth

Kobe Bryant, the famous former basketball player for the NBA, has a net worth estimated at $315 million. With the help of his father and financial practitioners, Kobe managed his income for healthy investments.

Coca-Cola’s Bodyarmor Reportedly Deal Nets Kobe Bryant’s Estate $400 Million

)Coca-Cola KO is buying the remaining 70% of BodyArmor, the natural sports drink that is looking to dethrone Pepsi’s Gatorade. The $5.6 billion cash deal values the sports-drink brand at about $8 billion, and NBA Icon Kobe Bryant was an initial investor in the company back in 2013.

Lakers’ Legend Kobe Bryant Continues to Shape the Nba Finals…and the Philippines

It is completely appropriate that this might be the year the Los Angeles Lakers became champions again. In the same year, he was due for induction to the Basketball Hall of Fame, a malfunctioning helicopter resulted in the death of Laker legend Kobe Bryant.

What Was Kobe Bryant's Net Worth?

Kobe Bryant was an American professional basketball player, producer, philanthropist and entrepreneur. At the time of his death, Kobe Bryan had a net worth of $600 million. Tragically, Kobe Bryant died on January 26, 2020, in a helicopter crash. Kobe Bryant was an 18X NBA All-Star, a 5X NBA Champion and 2X NBA Finals MVP. (

Why Has Vanessa Bryant Not Renewed the Nike Contract?

ESPN reports the sources have hinted to frustrations between the Kobe Bryant estate and Nike over limited availability of products as the deciding factor. Nike would often limit the availability of products when dropping new releases. While there was also reportedly frustrations over the lack of products in kids’ sizes.)

Kobe Bryant's Net Worth (1978-2020)

Kobe Bryant's NAt his time of death, Kobe Bryant’s net worth was estimated to be $600 million. Kobe Bryant was a former American professional basketball player and entrepreneur. He played his entire 20-year career in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers. (



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