Know more about Walmart Cakes

Know more about Walmart Cakes

Walmart Cakes


With Walmart ‘s cake’s admission into the Guinness Book of World Records, the cake was reputedly the ‘Biggest cake ever made’. Shortly after the cake’s debut, other cakes followed suit, such as from Disney. ‘It’s a small world cake and from KFC, with their ‘Double Down Dog’ cake.

www.mashed.com)When we walk into a Walmart, we are immediately drawn to their bakery. It's so big and there are so many sugary treats to satiate the sweetest sweet tooth, we can't pass it up. With so many of these stores in our community, it has us wondering how many cakes Walmart sells. The volume must be incredible, right? (Source:


Walmart Cakes are perfect for a quick and easy desert in the summertime. For best results, make sure that your cake is made with white cake, sugar, and eggs. Your cake will come out perfectly white and you can place it under a broiler for a minute to get it nice and toasty golden brown. Tag your photos with #walmartcakes and #familylife and share with us on social media!

I named these dessert bars for Broadway because they're a hit every time I serve them. I especially like to make them as a gift for anyone with a sweet tooth! —Anne Frederick, New Hartford, New York (Source: www.tasteofhome.com)


Since the beginning of time, people have been baking desserts to celebrate special occasions, seasons, and events. They’ve baked cakes, macarons, pies, ice cream sandwiches, and more. They’ve used them to decorate their homes, create their celebrations and memorials, and even to commemorate their lives. And then, as time went by, food trends start to happen, and now, sweets are no longer a way to show love and appreciation.

Nellie Flores posted a video to Facebook on Friday that showed the moment her sister. Marsy Flores cut into her daughter’s graduation cake and found that, it was actually a piece of Styrofoam covered in frosting. (Source: www.foxnews.com)


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