Know more about Hosea Chanchez

Know more about Hosea Chanchez

hosea chanchez

Hosea Chanchez

Hosea Sanchez is an executive member of the Black Student Union at the Black University in California. Every year in September, the BSU holds a Diversity Awareness Week which is meant to increase diversity on campus and promote awareness of cultural issues. This week also provides individuals with an opportunity to sign up for any volunteer or not-for-credit class they are interested in participating in.

Hosea Chanchez, along with Wendy Raquel Robinson, has appeared in every episode of The Game, in every revival, and on all three different networks. He understand this character and this world. But never has it had the gravitas it does now in its third iteration on Paramount+. Then again, art imitates life and we’re all living in unprecedented times. (Source: www.essence.com)


After years of aspiring to sport alongside other high-profile athletes, his dream finally came true to a degree. Now, with a "Sopranos" and "Game of Thrones" pedigree, Hosea understand he needs to continue to work even harder if he wants to keep a spot in the spotlight.

“Wendy Raquel Robinson I are the only two people that have done every single episode of the show from the inception to now,” Chanchez, 40, told The Post on the phone from Atlanta, where he’s currently hosting the show. “It really is a full circle moment for me in growth as an artist and as an actor.” (Source: nypost.com)


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Now on Paramount+ (with new episodes out on Thursdays), “The Game” follows a large cast of characters in the world of professional football. Among others, there’s sports agent Tasha Mack (Robinson), her quarterback son Malik Wright (Chanchez), undrafted free agent Jamison Fields (Vaughn Hebron), and new character Colonel Ulysses S. Thatcher (Tim Daly). (Source: nypost.com)


Hosea Chanchez is a rising star who has appeared in such films as Game and American Hustle. In his groundbreaking performance in a short film by N.O.M.A. D, he played the role of an African-American boy raised in New Orleans.

CHANCHEZ: After The Game ended on BET, I went back to school. I went to UCLA’s film program because I realise I wanted to know more about my business. At that point in time, I had been a working actor for about a decade. I knew that I needed to extract more out of my experience in this industry and as a human being on this planet. I wanted to know more. (Source: www.essence.com)


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