Know about Spotify Wrapped

Know about Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped


Spotify has been buzzing with clients recently, and it is about to get a lot bigger. They decided to build a new app called Spotify Wrapped, which is a cross-platform desktop software client. This new software is aimed at the corporate world, and it not only means that employees on company-issued computers can enjoy Spotify, but also that their company can do more with the data that Spotify generates.

When Spotify Wrapped came out in 2017, it hit my group chats like breaking news. A friend frantically sent me a screenshot showing they were in the top 1 percent of Frank Ocean listeners with a message, “CAN U BELIEVE THIS,” followed by a deluge of texts from other friends, highlighting their streaming accolades. Not long after, people all over the internet were sharing their listening results. Instagram stories were filled with streaming statistics that either poked fun at lowbrow taste or flexed artistic inclinations. (I admit, I too shared my own.) (Source: www.vox.com)


Spotify is one of the most popular streaming apps worldwide. Spotify is a platform that is perfect for those people that hate advertisements and have limited internet. Spotify gives its users around the world an access to over 30 million songs on demand. Spotify has a variety of diverse features designed to make the user experience an enjoyable one. Spotify was founded back in 2008 and is headquartered in Sweden. The company is owned by Spotify AB.

Spotify originally released their first iteration of Wrapped in 2015 as “Year in Music,” a feature for users to look back through their last 365 days via the songs and artists they listened to most. The tool included statistics like the listener’s most played songs and how many hours of music they listened to in total. While popular Year in Music didn’t quite go viral. Until it was upgraded two years later to the customizable, jazzy graphic release it is now. (Source: www.vox.com)


The Spotify Wrapped technology allows people to build a long playlist on the free service. Free of ads and tracks they don't want to hear. Letting people make their own personal playlists, the Wrapped service has already increased activity on the free. Spotify is now discussing a charge for the Wrapped service for those who are interested and want to use it.

Spotify’s third edition of ‘Wrapped 2021’ is now available for users across the world, including in India. The ‘Wrapped’ experience will shed light on what you’ve been listening to on the platform over the course of the year. The feature should be visible on Android and iOS apps. (Source: indianexpress.com)


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