Kiss Songs

Kiss Songs

Kiss Songs

Check out these country songs about love and kisses. It's sure to make you want to sing those all night long. Or at least as you sit at your desk.

Best Kiss Songs: 20 Essential Tracks to Rock and Roll All Nite

Both KISS and their fans retain a soft spot for “Nothin’ To Lose.” Released as the band’s first single, in February 1974, it was also one of several songs that KISS performed live during their first-ever US TV appearance, on ABC’s In Concert, also in February ’74. A lascivious, Rolling Stones-esque rocker, with Gene Simmons and original drummer Peter Criss sharing lead vocals, the spirited “Nothin’ To Lose” remained a fixture of KISS’ live set throughout their 70s heyday.  

Written by Paul Stanley and clearly influenced by The Move’s classic 60s hit “Fire Brigade,” infectious rocker “Firehouse” remains one of the stand-out cuts from KISS’ self-titled debut album. Built upon low-riding riffs and Gene Simmons’ slithering basslines, the song is tailor-made for live performance and it’s remained a constant in KISS’ live set throughout their career – its subject matter often accentuated by flashing red lights, sirens and Gene Simmons famously breathing fire.

After their pop-oriented turn-of-the-80s albums Dynasty and Unmasked, KISS’ tenth studio album, Creatures Of The Night, found them returning to the no-nonsense hard rock sound that yielded such stellar success for them during the mid-to-late 70s. To ram the point home, Gene Simmons wrote this stomping hymn to heavy metal, driven along by an earth-shaking beat. As simple, but highly effective, fist-pumping rock anthems go, it still takes some beating.

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