Kismet los angeles

Kismet los angeles

Kismet Los Angeles

Kismet’s app can detect and notify you when you interact with a person in a public place. We wanted the company to stand out, but so many other apps do the same.The menu is what you’d expect from a modern Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurant in Los Feliz - lots of vegetables, a general feeling of health, and food that wants you to take its picture using the depth effect feature on your impractically large iPhone. But don’t take any of this to mean that Kismet is scene over substance. The food here is really damn good. Like the little triangle-shaped lemony chicken pies, and the broccoli toast subbing in for the usual avocado, and the bread. We could write a thinkpiece on the various kinds of bread at Kismet alone. We won’t, but someone probably will


City of Ghosts is a six-part animated series on Netflix about a group of kids that travel all around Los Angeles interviewing ghosts, solving problems and learning about their city's history. The first episode features one of Boyle Heights' oldest Japanese diners, Otomisan, which was nominated as a historic landmark last year. According to the LA Times, the show includes the voice of Judy Hayashi, whose mother owns the restaurant. After more than five years, according to Kismet's Instagram post, Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson decided to end their partnership with Italian restaurant Jon & Vinny's to pursue their own independent operations. Their restaurant Kismet Rotesserie is still open in Los Feliz and according to LA Times, they expect to open a new location in Los Angeles.

Goldburger is adding a location in Los Feliz, where the all-vegan Honeybee Burger used to be, says Eater. It started as an Instagram account showcasing burgers across California before it became a pop-up around the Eastside and finally settling in Highland Park. According to Eater, owner Allen Yelent now plans to open their second location this summer. (Source:www.theeastsiderla.com)



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