Kim seok jin hwarang

Kim seok jin hwarang

Kim seok jin hwarang

Kim seok jin is a Korean form of martial arts that originated from the Ssireum discipline of Dosukjrift. It is also known as Hanmadang, which literally translates as "full-scale combat" in Korean.


Jin is someone who can light up a room. The party doesn’t start until he walks in. He has a warm, charismatic personality and can surely make you feel special when in his presence. Heck, you can even feel it through the screen when watching him in interviews or performances! He has that cheeky air about him but still seems like he’s really easy to have a conversation with and honestly, that’s exactly what we need

We also have Jin’s solo songs to listen to when we need to feel encouraged or reminded of how amazing we are. Most notably, his song ‘Epiphany’ carries this self-love message and is always there when we need to feel better.

We have to point out the hardworking side of Jin. He is an idol who has always strived to improve himself by getting in extra hours of practice and giving it his all when it comes to performing. We see how hard he works to improve himself each year, and his hard work has paid off.

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