Kidada Jones:

Kidada Jones:

Kidada Jone

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Tupac Shakur had quite the love life in his brief 25 years. The slain rapper was briefly married and dated some of Hollywood’s leading ladies. But his final love story was with Kidada Jones. The two were engaged and living together at the time of his death. Understandably, Kidada was heartbroken when Shakur died. She also harbored feelings of resentment toward her father, Quincy Jones. (Source: www.cheatsheet.com)

www.cheatsheet.com)Kidada was one of the last people to see Shakur before he died. After hearing of the shooting, she rushed to the hospital where he was being treated. Doctors and Shakur’s mother allowed her in the room where Shakur was being monitored. (Source:

Born to an African – American father and Ashkenazi Jew mother on March 22nd, 1974, Kidada Jones turned out to be a multi talented young actress, model and fashion designer despite facing identity crisis when young; being kicked out of eleven schools for not fitting in. She is the sister of Rashida Jones and Quincy Jones III. According to a DNA research done, Kidada is more than one-third European and two-thirds African. Her ancestry can be traced back to the Tikar tribe living in present day Cameroon.

Kidada Jones Biography – Facts, Childhood, Family Life of Actress, Model, Designer

siblings: Jolie Jones Levine, Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones, Martina Jones, Quincy Jones III, Rachel Jones, Rashida Jones

Kidada Ann Jones is an American actress, model, and fashion designer, best known as a designer for ‘The Walt Disney Company’ with her own line called ‘Kidada for Disney Couture.’ Daughter of famous American record producer, musician, and film producer Quincy Jones, and American actress and former model Peggy Lipton, Kidada grew up with several celebrities like Michael Jackson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar frequenting her house. She has worked with designer Tommy Hilfiger, music and entertainment magazine ‘Vibe,’ and designed a clothing line for Snoop Dogg before joining ‘The Walt Disney Company.’ She first garnered attention styling Michael Jackson for the cover of ‘Vibe.’ She has appeared in several fashion magazines, including ‘Harper's Bazaar,’ ‘Vogue,’ and ‘Elle.’ She has also appeared in films ‘Thicker Than Water’ and ‘Black & White.’ Kidada also offers consultancy on different projects of Disney. (Source: www.thefamouspeople.com)

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Los Angeles, the mid 1990s. Tupac Shakur is one of the biggest emcees in the world, a lyric poet of a rapper. Kidada Jones is the daughter of music legend Quincy Jones. With her mother acting again, her younger sister Rashida headed to Harvard, and her father as active as ever, twenty-one year old Kidada was left to search for her place in the world. She would find it in Tupac, ironically after he’d blasted her interracial family in an interview. (Source: podcasts.apple.com)


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