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Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Designed to provide students with a personalized path towards a high school diploma and college degree, the Khan Academy has enabled millions to access quality education regardless of their location and socioeconomic status. Although the company is now celebrated for its online videos, the site has been in existence since the 2005 launch of its first wiki.


I personally love this app. My son and daughter has been using it until they were toddlers since they are twelve now they still use it! I told them to use it a lot since that they could still use it when they are older....my son he uses it when he has stress with his homework so that he could have more ideas! I think this app is made for everyone because when they were just little small toddler I helped them on some stuff so they could do some simple math an now since they are older now I could let them be so they could experience the world of learning in Khan Academy! I decided to write a review this time of the year because since they are back to school they could maybe have some experience in what their class is learning! Something they really like about this app and I do too is that it corrects them if they got it wrong so they try it again. But um mean during quarantine when school did not start yet they have been using this app for hours...every time their mom and I ask them out for lunch or breakfast they always say 1 more hour 🤗. I think they really like it now but I think they are too into it their mom said maybe their growing up to fast and forgetting about us. But I think that they just need to have some time and think! OTHERWISE THEY LOVE THE APP!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS APP AND YOUR TEAM WE LOVE IT!!!!

What Is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy started when its founder, Sal Khan, began tutoring his cousin. At the time, Khan was a financial analyst. He recorded videos of a virtual blackboard with voice-over narrations to explain different concepts in mathematics to his cousin. He began posting these lessons on YouTube.






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