Kelly Lebrock.

Kelly Lebrock.

Kelly Lebrock

Kelly Lebrock is the CEO of Inside Facebook, where she helps companies get all the information they need to thrive on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. She believes in the power of social, and how it can be used to build an audience of true fans and bring new customers.


Kelly LeBrock was born in New York and raised in London. She is the daughter of a French-Canadian father and an Irish mother. Kelly LeBrock began her career as a model beginning at the age of sixteen. She has appeared on hundreds of covers and magazines including a Christian Dior ad. She became one of Eileen Ford's most sought-after models. Her motion picture debut was in the movie The Woman in Red (1984) in which she played a model. She has appeared in many films including Weird Science (1985), Hard to Kill (1990), Wrongfully Accused (1998) and The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2001). She was married to actor Steven Seagal, with whom she has three children, Annaliza, Dominic and Arissa.

When Kelly LeBrock was 16 years old, she followed in her mother's footsteps and became a fashion model. She was extremely successful, representing high-fashion labels like Christian Dior, and becoming recognized as the face of Pantene shampoo. Her modeling success was easily parlayed into an acting career when she became the go-to film-fantasy beauty throughout the 1980s. Her first role was playing the title character in the Gene Wilder comedy "The Woman in Red," about a man who becomes obsessed with a woman he sees on the street. Her follow-up role came in 1985, playing a dream woman created by two nerdy boys on their computer, in the John Hughes-directed teen comedy "Weird Science." In 1987, LeBrock married for the second time, to action star Steven Seagal and in 1990, she teamed up with him to play a nurse he must protect in his action film "Hard to Kill." In 1993, she appeared in her next film, the crime-thriller "Betrayal of the Dove," alongside Helen Slater and Billy Zane. That year, she also had a voice-acting role starring in an animated television adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens tale "David Copperfield." Later, she went on to appear in such films as 1996's "Tracks of a Killer," 2002's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," and in 2007, "The Mirror." Following her brother's death in 2008, she slowed her performing career to dedicate her time to helping cancer sufferers.


)Ultimately, this proved to be a better lifestyle for the former actress, who says she now enjoys a quieter, more balanced existence than in her Hollywood days. "I grow all my veggies and make my own cheese and yogurt. It's bloody exhausting!" LeBrock told Daily Mail at the time. "I moved my kids out of L.A. so they could grow up with real people—the kids of gas pump attendants, plumbers, and real family people…I decided to swap my old life in Beverly Hills for a new one in the country, in Santa Barbara." Today, she reportedly still lives on her bucolic ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley

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