Keke Wyatt

Keke Wyatt

Keke Wyatt

A husband and wife who had no children started their own company to sell diapers in order to provide for their needs.


In her career, Wyatt released official studio albums, including Soul Sista (2001), Who Knew? (2010), Unbelievable (2011), and her latest and recent release, Rated Love (2016). All of these albums charted prominently on Billboard, as did her first and only EP release, Ke'Ke' (2014). (Source: en.wikipedia.org

Wyatt's professional career began at the age of 10, when she began recording a song, called "What If", which would be included on a gospel compilation album for Indianapolis-based R.H. Duncan. With growing buzz surrounding "the little girl who could sing", news of Wyatt's talent led her to encounter with these artists from the likes of Bill Woodson, Nathan Alexander, Billy Badd, Chris Kelly, and multi-platinum producer, composer Jorge Corante and Emmanuel Officer. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)en.wikipedia.org))Wyatt was born March 10, 1982, in Indianapolis, Indiana to Lorna Wyatt, a vocalist and Keever Wyatt II, an organist and also a vocalist. Ke'Tara "Keke" Wyatt was raised in a musical family rooted in gospel music. (Source:

At age fifteen, Wyatt recorded "My First Love" with Avant which was released two years later, eventually becoming a single for his album entitled My Thoughts. Wyatt gained much notoriety for the remake of the 1980s ballad by Rene & Angela. Its success, remaining in the top 10 for several weeks, resulted in a solo album contract with MCA Records. With the help of the late MCA Records executive Louil Silas, her friend and A&R Randy Jackson, whom she met at age twelve, (Source: en.wikipedia.org By 2004, Wyatt had departed from MCA Records. She signed a contract, negotiated by her ex-husband/road manager Rahmat Morton, with Cash Money Records/Universal Motown Records, under the management of Cassandra Ware. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

Beyond the first single, other songs slated to appear on her second album included "Look at What You Made Me Do", "Insecurity" written by Bryan Michael Cox, "My Man", "Six Questions" featuring Avant, "Cheaters", "Who Knows" written by Tank, "Peace on Earth", a remake of a Rachelle Ferrell single, and the title track "Emotional Rollercoaster" featuring Ginuwine. In 2006, Wyatt was released from her contract with Cash Money Records, citing conflict with management as the reason for her departure. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

In 2007 Wyatt, reunited with her former manager Quadri El Amin on the TVT Records label. Work on her third solo album Ghetto Rose was completed in 2007. The title track, written by veteran songwriter Franne Golde along with Kasey Livingston and Curt Schneider, was released to urban radio outlets in the fall of that year. The album was originally set for release on October 23, 2007, but was postponed for release in early 2008. Then, in February 2008, the record label filed for bankruptcy and, for the second time in her solo career, Wyatt's album was shelved. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

In 2009, Wyatt played a leading role in a United States-based nationally touring production entitled Love Over Board. The production also included many seasoned cast members such as actress Karen Malina White, singer Avant, actor Khalil Kain, and others. (Source: en.wikipedia.org

In 2012, Wyatt was cast in TV One's R&B Divas which features the lives of five 1990s chart-topping R&B singers including Wyatt, Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Monifah and Syleena Johnson. The show documents the singers living in Atlanta, Georgia as they work towards rebuilding their careers. The first episode aired on August 20, 2012. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)See also: Who Knew (album) and Unbelievable (Keke Wyatt album) (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

Keke Wyatt - "Lie Under You" Music Video (YouTube, August 3, 2015) (Source: en.wikipedia.org She performed at the 2012 Essence Music Festival in New Orleans along with the other cast-members of R&B Divas, and according to Erika Ramirez of Billboard in a ranking of the top ten performances at the festival, "Keke Wyatt's cover of Houston's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' left the audience in awe even after the performance." (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

She performed at the 2012 Essence Music Festival in New Orleans along with the other cast-members of R&B Divas, and according to Erika Ramirez of Billboard in a ranking of the top ten performances at the festival, "Keke Wyatt's cover of Houston's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' left the audience in awe even after the performance." (Source: en.wikipedia.org Keke Wyatt - "Lie Under You" Music Video (YouTube, August 3, 2015) (Source:en.wikipedia.org e

Wyatt filed for divorce from Morton in 2009 after an escalation of violence, relocating her family from Kentucky to Atlanta, Georgia. They have 3 children together, sons Keyver Wyatt Morton (born March 27, 2000) & Rahjah Ke' Morton (born February 27, 2002) and daughter Ke'Tarah Victoria Morton (born August 29, 2008). Wyatt was pregnant with her & Morton's fourth child, a daughter by the end of the marriage, but suffered a still birth. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)On October 13, 2016, Wyatt announced the single "Jodeci" on her Instagram account, writing: "I think we got a new one with my new single Jodeci!!! I wanna know what ya'll think", revealing it would be released with a deluxe version of her album Rated Love on October 21, 2016. (Source:n.wikipedia.org)))

As of 2013, Wyatt was raising six children with Ford, three fathered by Wyatt's first marriage, a daughter named Mickayla fathered from Ford's previous relationship and their two sons: Ke'Mar Von Ford (born August 16, 2010) & Wyatt Michael Ford (born May 17, 2012). (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

In October 2018, Wyatt married her childhood ex-boyfriend, Zackariah Darring. On October 14, 2019, she announced she was pregnant with her ninth child with Zackariah. (Source: en.wikipedia.org KeKe Wyatt: Still Standing, July 2007 (Source:en.wikipedia.org e

Lee, Bailey (September 25, 2007), LISTEN TO THE KEKE WYATT EURCAST: Hear the singer denounce article on her at Essence.com, Los Angeles, CA: EURweb.com (narrated by Cherie Saunders) (Source: en.wikipedia.org)No More Drama: Keke Wyatt on Her Music and Marriage, August 2007 (Source:n.wikipedia.org)))

"Hot Wire >> The Soul of Keke Wyatt". Archived from the original on June 9, 2002. Retrieved March 11, 2015. (Source: en.wikipedia.org "Keke Wyatt". vh1.com. April 1, 2002. Archived from the original on August 26, 2012. Retrieved December 12, 2015. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

"Avant Gone 'Overboard' With Keke Wyatt, 'World' Duo Reunites For Album/Play". singersroom.com. February 11, 2009. Retrieved December 12, 2015. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Ke'Tara Shavon Wyatt was born on March 10, 1982 in Indianapolis, Indiana to Lorna Jean Wyatt, a vocalist & Keever West Wyatt II, an organist and vocalist. Her mom's Caucasian, while her dad's African-American & Native American: specifically Cherokee. Keke comes from a musical family rooted in church music. However, the singer's parents exposed her to R&B at home and encouraged her to pursue secular music. Being of a musical family she is able to perform several genres of music that include gospel, R&B, pop, country and opera. Furthermore, Wyatt can also write music equally as well. The singer has 2 brothers named Keever III & Kendall. Wyatt began singing when she was 2 & made her first performance in front of a live audience at 5 years old. The song she performed, Beautiful was taught to her by her mother. The young singer later performed a song she learned from her father, How Beautiful. Growing up in Indianapolis, spending time in both Kentucky and Texas, Wyatt became influenced by the likes of artists: Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Ella Fitzgerald. She was inspired by many preceding musical greats, she would sing with various girl groups as a teen. She attended high school in Indianapolis and was she was a member of her high school's varsity wrestling team. As a young girl and teen Keke was often recognized for possessing a level of maturity that exceeded her in age, and in 2000 at eighteen years old she married Rahmat Morton who is eight years her senior and a former athlete. They later had children together. She has expressed much pride in her multi-racial background. Her first breakthrough was after a highly successful collaboration with R&B singer Avant on his platinum album My Thoughts. Her first album debuted in 2001 and was called Soul Sista, and earned a Certified Gold status. Wyatt's first single, Used to Love went virtually unnoticed, but her second duet with Avant "Nothing in This World" became a huge smash single. In 2004, Keke left MCA Records and signed with Cash Money Records/Universal Motown Records, and released her second album Emotional Rollercoaster, but it had very little success. She then left Cash Money Records, and she has since signed with TVT Records, reuniting with former manager Quadri El Amin. (Source: www.imdb.com)

Has 9 children: sons, Keyver Wyatt Morton (b. March 27, 2000) & Rahjah Ke' Morton (b. February 27, 2002) and daughters, Ke'Tarah Victoria Morton (b. August 29, 2008) & one who died from stillbirth with 1st ex-husband, Rahmat Morton, sons, Ke'Mar Von Ford (b. August 16, 2010) & Wyatt Michael Ford (b. May 17, 2012), daughter, Ke'Yoshi Bella Ford (b. March 10, 2015) & son, Kendall Miguel Ford (b. October 27, 2017) with 2nd ex-husband, Michael Ford and son, Ke'Riah David Darring (b. January 6, 2020) with husband, Zackariah Darring. (Source: www.imdb.com In 2002 Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards was Nominated Best R&B/soul or rap new artist "Nothing in This World," Keke Wyatt featuring Avant. (Source:www.imdb.com))

• Wyatt grew up in Indianapolis with a family that performed gospel music. By age 12, she’d met famed bassist and future American Idol judge Randy Jackson, who mentored the singer for more than a decade. (Source: music.apple.com R&B singer KeKe Wyatt made her name by duetting with Avant on his 2000 hit “My First Love.” She enjoyed subsequent solo success before facing a series of industry roadblocks. (Source:music.apple.com))

• The success of “My First Love” led to a deal with Avant’s label, MCA Records. Wyatt recorded her gold-selling 2001 debut album, Soul Sista, in a two-week period. Avant features on two songs, including the hit “Nothing In this World.” (Source: music.apple.com • During her teens, Wyatt earned money writing and demoing songs. At 16, she recorded “My First Love”—a cover of a 1983 song by René & Angela—with R&B singer Avant. The single later went Top 5 on the R&B charts, helping Avant’s 2000 debut album, My Thoughts, go platinum. (Source:music.apple.com))

• Wyatt has since released a series of follow-ups, including 2017’s Keke Covers, featuring versions of songs by Prince, Beyoncé, and Whitney Houston, among others. (Source: music.apple.com • In the years that followed, Wyatt recorded two albums—Emotional Rollercoaster for Cash Money Records and Ghetto Rose for TVT—that were never released. (Source:music.apple.com))

Wyatt — who welcomed her 10th child in January — said in the clip that she initially suspected Rahjah had "a horrible problem when we went to Six Flags" and the teenager "sat in one spot at the park and was like, 'Mom, I literally can not move.' " (Source: people.com "You dropped weight drastically," Wyatt recalled to her son. "[The doctor] was like, 'Okay, let's just run some blood. Let's just check some blood, tests some blood and see.' " (Source:people.com))


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