Kei ai los angeles

Kei ai los angeles

Kei ai Los Angeles

Pierce this link to view tourist attractions on a map.Located minutes away from the LAC+USC Medical Center and the Interstate 5 Highway, Kei-Ai Los Angeles Healthcare Center is committed to serving others, nurturing life, and promoting an individual’s ability to thrive. As a top-tier nursing home facility in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on providing state-of-the-art rehabilitation services in Southern California.


Incontinence 101: Recently, the change to “thinner” diapers ignited worries of diaper rash, skin and urinary tract infections, urine-soaked clothing and bedding, and, worst of all, the suffering of any resident in such conditions. Through Family Council meetings, members learned the basics of adult diaper care: choices in size, shape and thickness; frequency of diaper checks; protocols for diaper change; and compared the differences between diapers used “before” and “after” the switch. Our Family Council is, by design, autonomous and led by its own members, following the model created by CANHR (California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform). In California, the rights of family councils in long-term care facilities are protected, according to CANHR, by the strongest law of its kind in the nation (Google “SB 1551 Dunn”). These laws permit family councils to function independently without control or interference by the nursing home administration or staff.

The newly created Kei-Ai Los Angeles Family Council is an informal gathering of residents, family members and friends that meets at the nursing home every other Saturday to share information and concerns regarding the quality of care for the residents.The list of past guest speakers includes the director of nursing as well as the kitchen manager from the nursing home and the regional manager from the Long-term Care Ombudsman Program. (Source: www.canhr.org)


Dr. Takeshi Matsumoto, who has seen thousands of patients at Kei-Ai Los Angeles over the years, said none of his 15 patients or their families were aware. Other doctors and patients’ families that I spoke to also said they were unaware. “They should have informed the families so they could take precautions and give them an option to move out. I feel responsible too,” Matsumoto said. The sale conditions expired last week. And last year, Pacifica submitted plans to redevelop the Sakura Immediate Care Facility in Boyle Heights into an apartment complex. Pacifica says it has no plans to immediately demolish the facility and is exploring other options for the property. But if the facility is demolished, many of the Japanese American seniors fear they will be transferred to Kei-Ai Los Angeles.

I was shocked, SHOCKED!!! The most deadly nursing home in the state was Kei-Ai Los Angeles, according to an L.A. Times article dated March 1, 2021. At least 97 COVID deaths overall have been recorded, making it the most deadly nursing home in the state, according to data compiled by The Times. Dr. Zachary Rubin, who leads the county’s infection control efforts, acknowledged the outbreaks at nursing facilities in an email to a Kei-Ai Los Angeles community advisory board member that was shared with me. (Source: www.latimes.com)



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