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Keemstar aka Leighmonstar, is a famous American online personality, online celebrity, internet entrepreneur, and game designer. He is the CEO of media company Keemstar, and also an editor for Drama Alert and TheDirty. He was born on February 3, 1986 in Houston, Texas, USA as Leanne Axl Rose. He co-founded Leannewow.com on November 12, 2007 and currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

The YouTuber revealed that his last video on the DramaAlert channel will be uploaded on his 40th birthday. On March 8, 2022, because he wants enough time to find a new host. “The reason I wanted to announce my retirement now is so I can find my replacement,” he said. (Source: www.dexerto.com)



Keemstar is an American media personality and youtube star who is most well known for his daily news show on The Drama Show. Drama Alert, and YouTube content. He has a social media following of 5. 2 million subscribers, 3. 1 million Youtube subscribers. And 9. 3 million Instagram followers Jim is also identified for his controversial. And often incendiary rants, especially those directed at celebrities, political figures, and members of the media.

Daniel M. Keem (born: March 8, 1982 (1982-03-08) [age 39]), better identified online as DramaAlert (also identified as Keemstar, formerly DJ Keemstar), is an American YouTuber and media news reporter best known for his DramaAlert channel. (Source: youtube.fandom.com)



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He created another YouTube channel, KillerKEEMSTAR which is where the name Killer Keemstar comes from. That channel was then terminated in early 2014, possibly due to COD beef. In 2013 he also created a separate YouTube news channel, TheDramaAlert which also got terminated in early 2014. Daniel then created his fifth YouTube channel, FreeDramaAlert, which got terminated sometime in June 2014. Leading to the creation of the NewDramaAlert channel which has remained since. It is unknown why the last two channels got terminated. But it's possibly due to allegations related to his "toxicity" in the gaming community which eventually died down. (Source: youtube.fandom.com)


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Kee m sah aka Keem Star started his channel on YouTube with a small nickname and a Drake, Chris Brown, and WorldStarHipHop discussion video.

Daniel created DramaAlert in October 2012 under the XDJKEEMSTAR account, the series's first video reporting on iFlynn's exposé on Raw Instinct. Early DramaAlert videos mainly focused on Call of Duty information. Daniel moved DramaAlert to a new account, DramaAlertNation, with XDJKEEMSTAR being terminated shortly there after. However, this new channel would only last until January 10, 2013, when it too was also terminated. (Source: youtube.fandom.com)


This is a brief history of Keemstar, otherwise known as Ariel Nehemiah. Keemstar is a social media personality, children and family author, and a Game Chaplain.

After Klein’s video, Keem went even further off the handle and has attempted to terrorize Klein and his wife ever since. Keem claims that Klein tried to “ruin YouTube” and that he’s trying to “ruin America” by supporting vaccine passports. (Source: berkeleybeacon.com)


Keemstar is a Youtuber and Drama Alert founder who has created his career out of drama and controversy. He is a native of Houston, Texas, and he attended George Washington University. He has been featured on many gossip-related TV shows, but his video game streaming career that caught a lot of attention. As he played high-profile games such as "Mass Effect 3", "Grand Theft Auto V" and "Watch Dogs". www.dexerto.com)


If you've seen a YouTube video and you have come across a face or name you recognize. You might have seen a person who goes by the name of Keemstar.

My dream is that Epic Games with their community ties to some of the influencers, could sort this out. They've already done this with a live event and several others online. Its doable for Epic Games, but we shouldn't need a third-party involved. (Source: www.reddit.com)

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