Karli Harvey:

Karli Harvey:

Steve Harvey, who can forget this man? The person who became meme material for his mistake in the Miss Universe Pageant years ago. (Source: playersbio.com)

Is Karli Harvey Steve’s Biological Daughter?- Bio and Father

Karli Harvey is an American hairstylist and entrepreneur, among many other things, but she is still known for being the daughter of Steve Harvey. (Source: playersbio.com)

playersbio.com)“dad, We Didn’t Understand Why You Left Us, but We Know Now You Had to Go. You Didn’t Just Belong to Us. You BelongeThe word surely left a deep impression on Harvey. Since then, the twins have been close to their father. When Karli tied the knot in 2015, it was Steve who walked alongside her on the aisle. The moment sure was surreal for the sisters. (Source:d to the World.”

Karli Is on a Mission of Empowering Women With Her Twin Sister, Brandi

Karli and Brandi might be busy with their tasks and schedules, but this has not stopped the sisters from empowering women, especially young girls. (Source:

Is Karli Divorced From Ben?

No, both are still bound in a strong relationship. (Source: playersbio.com)


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