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Kardashian Sisters

Kardashian Sisters

Kardashian Sisters

Kardashian Sisters is the only blog on the internet dedicated to them. It follows them around LA, their social media accounts, and addresses their internet trolling. It helps you understand the Kardashians better and helps you fill any gaps in your Kardashian knowledge. KardashianKabbles KardashianKabbles is here to answer all of your questions about what it’s like to be.

Fashion Faceoff: All Kardashian Edition!

If you thought Jennifer Lopez was alone in earning herself a spot in the Fashion Faceoff Hall of Fame (her record is impeccable--check out how many fellow celebs she's doubled up outfits with!), think again. The Kardashian/Jenner clan has so many wardrobe coincidences that we're devoting an entire section to them in an upcoming issue of Glamour...and we need your votes to help decide who wore it better! (Source: www.glamour.com)

Kim Kardashian Looks Best When She Does This With Her Hair—Agree or Disagree?

After some consideration, I have decided I have a strong stance on where Kim Kardashian should part her hair most often. I know, I know—you're rolling your eyes at me right now. But, you know, thinking about hair and makeup is my job, so you've got to cut me some slack and see if you agree with my conclusions. (Source: www.glamour.com)

Melrose Prepares for a Paparazzi Invasion: the Kardashians' Store, Dash, Is Moving

Remember when the Kardashians opened a New York branch of their store, Dash, in Soho, and absolute bedlam ensued? Kanye West showed up, throngs of tween fans busted the barricades, and approximately seventeen gajillion paparazzi were there to capture it all. Melrose Avenue better prepare for the same madness, because the reality TV queens will soon be descending... (Source: www.glamour.com)

Anybody Else Weirded Out by Last Night's Episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York?

I'm not a regular viewer of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. I'm somewhat of a senior citizen when it comes to digital cable, and I have trouble finding the E! channel. For real. It rarely presents a problem, since if you have ears and eyes you're going to somehow learn what the Kardashians are up to on a daily basis. But last night, I caught the new episode--and it made me a little uncomfortable. (Source: www.glamour.com)


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