Jw stream 2020 circuit assembly

Jw stream 2020 circuit assembly

Jw stream

A complex and controversial problem: how to create quality journalism. Jw Stream is a new technology that claims to solve this problem and they believe it could create a new business model for journalism.


JW Stream–Studio allows publishers (left) to view local speakers (right) delivering circuit assembly parts in real time Jehovah’s Witnesses recently released JW Stream–Studio, a new website designed to broadcast live virtual circuit events with the circuit overseer. On March 6 and 7, 2021, 340 circuit assembly programs were held globally using this method. More than 500,000 individuals viewed the evenThe first concept designs for JW Stream–Studio were completed in May 2020. Just five months later, in October 2020, the Broadcasting Department began field testing the website with the assistance of circuit overseers in six countries. This testing process allowed Broadcasting to identify and address issues with the website prior to the launch date. A team of 17 brothers and sisters was on hand for technical support during the website’s global debut. (Source:ts.

The Amadiz family in the United States takes a portrait before the start of their circuit assembly, which was livestreamed via JW Stream–Studio

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