Justin Foley

Justin Foley

Justin Foley

Justin Foley

Justin is a genius at this. He managed to make it work at clients ranging from brands like Pepsi, IBM and Oiselle, to nonprofits like City Harvest and AmeriCorps.


Meanwhile Justin and Jessica's relationship was exposed by Alex, and they decided to not care anymore and make their relationship public. Shortly afterwards, Justin started thinking she deserves better than him because of his drug addiction and broke up with her, claiming he cheated. They got back together after Clay told Jessica the reason Justin thinks she's better off without him.

Justin is also quite irrational and short-tempered and is shown to be extremely arrogant and cruel when he wants to be. He does not appear to show much remorse for what he did to Hannah and insults her numerous times after her death, claiming she was a crazy drama queen and a liar who just "killed herself for attention". Like a majority of the others on Hannah's list he is shown to be willing to resort to extreme measures to hide the tapes and even at one point suggests they kill Clay and stage it as a suicide in order to prevent him from revealing the tapes and also intimidates him alongside Alex and Zach and threatens that he will physically assault him if he has to. Justin is even shown to be angered at Clay for the simple reason that he is the only person on Hannah's list who is not considered one of the reasons why she killed herself but just part of her story. He even tries to convince him that he is not as innocent as Hannah claims, though this is completely false as Hannah makes it clear Clay's name does not belong on her list, unlike Justin and the others who are guilty of horrible things and are responsible for Hannah's suicide. This is evident that Justin is afraid of the potential consequences of his actions and is desperate to protect himself and the others he cares about on the list from having their lives destroyed. (Source: 13reasonswhy.fandom.com)


They came to a pit stop, Tony went to get something, leaving Justin and Clay talking. Clay called Skye and left a message, Justin then told him that "A girl who doesn't call you back is a girl who doesn't want to talk to you." and then said Skye is also "a piece of work" and "fucked up". Clay told Justin that he should stop talking for the foreseeable future. Tony came back out, threw Justin a drink and asked if his mom still lived in the same place. Justin revealed that he took money from her boyfriend before he left, and if he found out he was living there again he would kill him. Tony and Clay became unsure of what to do, as taking him home was their plan. Clay decided to sneak Justin into his house, which he managed to keep hidden. Justin got taken care of by Sheri, Justin, and Tony. They were the only ones except for Alex and Jessica (Clay told Jessica and Jess told Alex) who knew that Justin had been back for a long time.

Mr. and Mrs. Jensen make Clay and Justin take a drug test; Clay’s test comes out positive but he accuses Justin of switching them. Because of the uncertainty they’re both grounded. The two boys wonder how their parents always know where they are and how they always find them easily. Clay believes they’re being tracked through their phones. Justin thinks Clay is paranoid and delusional, but when questioned why he’s been to his old neighborhood Justin goes quiet. When Clay storms off, Justin calls someone asking if they can meet up. It turns out it is Coach Kerba who was on the phone with him. The two meet up for coffee and Justin tells him he’s not doing so good. He explains about the drug test and how he thinks Clay’s parents don’t trust him. He feels overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to do to continue on his sobriety path. (Source: 13reasonswhy.fandom.com)


At school, Jessica told Justin she had a surprise and he had to come with her. Jessica took Justin to the auditorium to have sex. They were making out until Justin wanted to leave because the drama class students could enter any minute, but Jessica came up with the idea to turn off the light so they wouldn’t get caught. She started throwing things at the light bulb to break it, which caused an argument between the two. Justin thought Jessica was immature and Jessica thought Justin was being a "pussy". Justin ended up leaving and Jessica went to hang out with Bryce.

Clay and Justin met up with Jessica to try and convince her to talk to Chlöe about testifying against Bryce. They attended Bryce’s testimony with Tony and Alex, where Bryce lied about having a romantic relationship with Hannah. Clay talked about it with his hallucination of Hannah; he told her that Justin is a bad person because he let Bryce rape Jessica and should give his life to do it over. The hallucination said that Justin is his friend, but Clay denied this. He ended up yelling at Hannah’s hallucination to leave him alone, right as Justin walked in the room. Justin sat next to him, asked what’s wrong and revealed that Chlöe is going to testify against Bryce. (Source: 13reasonswhy.fandom.com)



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