Justin Bieber Intention

Justin Bieber Intention

Justin Bieber Intention

Justin Bieber Intention

In this article, I’ll go over the case of Justin Bieber, and the impact of his intention on followers and brand advocates.


When asked why he named the song "Intentions" during an MTV interview, Bieber said "I think a lot of us forget to set intentions. As humans, we get caught up in our everyday worries and struggles. What we set our intentions on makes a difference on the outcome of our life and the quality jj9-jnlife that we live".

It also debuted at number one on the Hot R&B Songs chart, marking Bieber's third number-one on the said chart, following "Yummy", which "Intentions" dethroned. Bieber becomes the fourth artist to replace himself from the No. 1 spot on Hot R&B Songs chart joining the likes of Drake, The Weeknd and Khalid. The single also debuted simultaneously atop both the R&B Streaming Songs chart as well as the R&B Digital Song Sales chart marking Bieber's third topper(Quavo's second followed by "No Brainer" which also featured Bieber) on the former chart while marking Bieber's seventh topper(Quavo's second followed by "No Brainer") on the latter chart where Bieber breaks from a tie with Drake and Rihanna for the second-most leaders on the latter chart overall behind The Weeknd. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


The music video premiered on Bieber's YouTube channel the same day of the song. Filming took place at Alexandria house and California state University, Northridge's Oviatt Library. Directed by Michael D. Ratner, the video previews Bieber (along with Quavo) drawing attention to the difficulties of women and children in need while raising awareness and funds for Alexandria House, whose mission is to help them move from crisis to stability.

The music video commences with the introduction of Bahri, who was born in Saudi Arabia and who is hoping to be the first from her family to graduate from college and whose intention is to help kids who are less fortunate; Marcy, who was raised in foster care, suffered from early motherhood, and whose intentions are to help foster youth find the resources they need; and Angela, who has experienced homelessness and who later sings her own verse in the music video while her intention is to giveback; spread awareness and tell the stories of homeless women and children through her art. Throughout the music video, Bieber and Quavo are seen helping Bahri, Marcy and Angela to achieve their goals and expectations. Bieber gifts Bahri with a new car so she won't have to worry about getting to class, Marcy and her family with backpacks full of supplies, and Angela with studio time so that she can spread awareness about homelessness to a wider audience in an effective way. Bieber and Quavo are also seen motivating them and uplifting their mood while dancing with them as well as raising funds for them. At the end of the video, Judith Yvonne who is the founding director of Alexandria house talks about her intentions to speak about the injustices and the need for equity. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Pretty much every Justin Bieber song just stays on your mind (and as a part of your playlist) for days at a time. His single "Intentions" featuring Migos rapper Quavo is no different. The beat is infectious and the lyrics are sweet. In the first lines of the track, he sings, "Picture perfect, you don't need no filter / Gorgeous, make 'em drop dead, you a killer," per Genius. Seemingly, the words are about Justin's wife Hailey Bieber, since he is singing about a current love interest in the song. The line "Stay in the kitchen cookin' up, got your own bread" is probably referring to Hailey's solo entrepreneurial pursuits since "bread" is often used as slang for "money."

The title of the song was first revealed In the episode titled "Bieber Is Back" of the YouTube docu-series Justin Bieber: Seasons that was released on 27 January 2020 where "Intentions" was written down on a note on a board containing candidate tracks for Changes. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



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