Justin Bieber Hair

Justin Bieber Hair

Justin Bieber Hair

Justin Bieber Hair

If you are a man with a neckbeard, you’re in for some of the craziest tiring sessions with styling gel ever. Just imagine, the next time you tiredly use your fingers to tease and twist your hair on a spring Saturday, you’ll have Justin Bieber to thank.


They say you cannot step twice into the same river and the Biebers successfully prove them wrong. Of course, it was the whole new wedding, which they decided to have the second time, with different outfits and hairstyles, yet the same strong bond and relationship. As proof of his maturity, Justin opted for an elegant and sleek hairstyle that fitted the solemn occasion perfectly. Notably, Hailey followed her now-hubby and pulled off a sophisticated look herself.

As Bieber attempted to transition out of his teen pop persona, he left his hair behind with his old sound. In 2012, he released Believe, an album that had a surprise dance-pop and R&B flavor. Biebs got a new look to match, sporting a high and tight cut. On some days he relied on hair products for help; on others, the soft locks seemed to defy gravity on their own. This style eventually evolved into the pompadour that Bieber sported in his now-infamous 2014 mugshot. (Source: www.suggest.com)


This hairstyle was tried by him in one of his earlier days. It is the one that is credited to have made him the talk of the town in the fashion world. His journey as a style icon started with hairstyles like this one. It is the signature cut of the singer and it is an excellent look for men and boys alike. The hair is brought forward in a fringe.

Then haircut we're referring to slightly resembles a bowl cut, as well as hat hair — and yet, Bieber makes it work. His specific style features full-blown bangs, as well as a subtle curl to it, which could be the singer's natural hair texture, or the work of a small iron. In the past, when he's grown out his hair, it's definitely had a little wave to it, so it's possible that his groomer just used some product to make his waves look more defined. (Source: www.allure.com)


The beginning of Justin Bieber’s career can be summed up in two words: his hair. His locks have come a long way from since ultra-shiny helmet, though not exactly for the best. The 27-year-old singer has given buns and ponytails a not-so-successful go—occasionally calling to mind his so-called brother, Tony Bieber. He’s tried out bouffants and, most tragically, dreadlocks—on numerous occasions. At this point in his career, a clear pattern has emerged: Every few months or so, Bieber can’t seem to help himself from reverting to a dirty blond mane so scruffy that his doting wife, Hailey, has started staging haircut interventions. (And, according to Bieber, forcing him to shave off his dreaded mustache.) All had been quiet on the Bieber hair front amid lockdown, which he’s largely spent in a beanie. But May brought an abrupt change: His scroungiest dreadlocks yet. Rejoice in the return of his buzzcut with a look back at his most notable coifs.

When it comes to Justin Bieber, even the simple swept back hair gets a fun twist of style. Though he has swept back the hair in here, he has kept the hair carefully messy. This brings out an edgy look to the hairstyle. You can go for either medium fade or an undercut on the sides and back. (Source: www.hairdohairstyle.com)



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