Junko Enoshima

Junko Enoshima

Junko Enoshima

Junko Enoshima is a world-renowned illustrator. Her sequential narrative style is famous for using simple outlines, black lines to represent movement, and precise, detailed depictions of people and objects. Her best know work is the art of the animated film “Pom Poko”.


Both Junko herself and the game's creators have confirmed that she truly has no reason to do the things she does other than despair itself, which makes her all the more dangerous and unable to be reasoned with. However it is hinted at in the anime that her analytical talent was what caused her to turn to despair, and that hopes peak was her first target because they see talent as hope, and use that talent for their own benefit, which drove Junko to take the talent they loved so much and use it for evil, which shows her in a more understandable light. It's also shown that under her amnesiac state, Junko doesn't show a thirst for despair or particularly strong hatred of boredom, implying that her constant case of forgetfulness had spared her from embracing despair again. However, the return of her memories reverted her to her former ways.

Outside of the Hope's Peak hospital, Junko asked Ryota about his talent and he replied that he was the Ultimate Animator. Junko eagerly asked to see his anime and Ryota invited the two sisters to his dorm to show them. After watching Ryota's anime, Junko and Mukuro were so moved that they had been reduced to sobbing messes. Junko was intrigued as Ryota explained the techniques he used, equating it to brainwashing. He justified the moral discrepancies by saying it could be used in a beneficial way, as Junko began to see it as something she could use to her advantage.

Junko later appeared in Ryota's dorm by kicking Mikan, who was trying to seduce Ryota into despair. When Ryota asked Junko if she was the one who drove Mikan into despair, she answered by pulling out (seemingly from nowhere) her project presentation, during which she explained how planned to use Ryota's brainwashing anime technique by combining it with the tape recording of The Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy, resulting in a brainwashing video dubbed the Despair Video to knock the world into despair. Junko blackmailed Ryota by choosing his classmates as the participants of the next Mutual Killing Game if he wouldn't cooperate with her. (Source: danganronpa.fandom.com)

An underclassman and member of the Class 77-B of Hope's Peak Academy. Her talent allowed her to see a certain "something" in Ryota during their first encounter, and immediately tried to find out his talent. Ryota was embarrassed at first. He was also angered by Junko's disinterest in anime, but quickly warmed up to her when she began to show interest in his animation. Although often bewildered by Junko's violent actions, he was grateful to her for giving him an entirely new environment for him to work on his anime. (Source: danganronpa.fandom.com)





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