Judah Lewis

Judah Lewis

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Judah Lewis was born on 22 May 2001 (age 19 years; as in 2020) in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States. There is not much information about his education.. His father’s name is Mark Lewis and His mother’s name is Hara Lewis.

Who Is Judah Lewis?

Judah Lewis is one of the most famous American actors. Judah Lewis has appeared in more than 15 film and tv shows.

Judah Lewis’s Father’s Name?

Matthew McConaughey was born on November 4, 1969 (age 52 years; as in 2021) in Uvalde, Texas, United States. His father’s name is James...

10 Things You Didn't Know About Judah Lewis

For many actors, breaking into the professional world can take years. Even once they start landing a few roles, it’s no guarantee that their career will go anywhere. With that being said, Judah Lewis’ career has been the stuff that dreams are made of. The young actor is just getting started but he’s already gotten some incredible opportunities. He got his first big role in 2016 when he was cast in the TV series Game of Silence. Unfortunately, the show was canceled after the first season. In 2017, he was cast in a main role in the Netflix movie, The Babysitter. In 2020, he reprised that role for the sequel, and fans were excited to see him continue the story. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Judah Lewis.

9. He’s Grew up in L.a.

Los Angeles is arguably one of the coolest cities in the world. There are people who are willing to risk it all to move there and it’s the perfect place to start a career in the entertainment industry. Luckily for Judah, he never had to sell all of his worldly possessions to make his way to Los Angeles. He was raised there and still lives in the area today. (Source:

Judah Lewis Girlfriend: Who Is the Actor Dating in 2021

Who Is Judah Lewis’s Girlfriend? Who is the actor of ‘The Babysitter Series,’ dating in 2021? Want to know more about the actor’s current girlfriend and dating history? Want to know everything there is to know about the actor who has captured everyone’s heart? If so, then this article is just the right one for you. Judah Lewis, the 20-year-old American actor, is most famous for his roles in the movies ‘The Babysitter’ (2017), its sequel, ‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen’ (2020), and ‘Demolition’ (2015). The actor has only been active in the entertainment industry since 2014 but has appeared in more than ten films and TV shows.

Who Is Judah Lewis’s Girlfriend?

Judah Lewis is single and does not have a girlfriend. Judah Lewis came to the limelight with the release of the movie ‘The Babysitter’ has made everyone curious about who he is dating. However, the actor likes to keep his tabs low on his personal life, and hence not much is known about his relationship status. Sadly, it is not known if the actor is dating anyone.



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