Jon Huertas:

Jon Huertas:

Jon Huertas has been playing the guitar since the tender age of 3. By 4, he was singing and making music covers on YouTube. He joined Lean Startup Machine, where he went on to lead the product and growth teams. He is now a full-time freelance musician and guitar instructor and has taught many others to play the guitar as well.

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Back to One, Episode 161: Jon Huertas

Jon Huertas is the first actor on the podcast to talk extensively about the “BMS Technique” for preparation. He plays Miguel on This Is Us. His past credits include Castle, Generation Kill, and the new film Initiation. He tells an amazing story about botching an audition so badly that he felt a formal apology was necessary (of course he landed the role). He talks about the importance of making different choices with every take, his mission, on the other side of the camera, to create content about Latinx people that completely avoids stereotypes, and much more! (Source: filmmakermagazine.com)

Jon Huerta

American actor and producer of Puerto Rican descent. Born as Jon William Scott Hofstedt on October 23, 1969 in New York City. He was a US Air Force officer in 1987 and served for 8 years as an aircraft nuclear/conventional weapons specialist involved in the US invasion of Panama...Read more and Operation Desert Storm. He's known for Castle (2009), Generation Kill (2008), Imprisoned (2018), and This Is Us (2016). (Source: elcinema.com)


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