john drew barrymore

john drew barrymore

john drew barrymore

John Barrymore was the actor, producer, director, and screenwriter known for his roles in classic horror films like "Dracula," "The Innocents," and "The Squeaker". Specifically, he is known for his success in portraying haunted or determined characters. He was also a beautiful and voluptuous womanizer, and had a turbulent marriage. John was born John Francis Redmond Barrymore on February 7,


Barrymore's films were not particularly successful. He moved into television, guest-starring on shows like Schlitz Playhouse and The 20th Century-Fox Hour . He did some TV movies, including The Reluctant Redeemer (1954) and The Adventures of Lt. Contee (1955), and appeared in several episodes of Matinee Theatre. In 1957 he directed an episode of Matinee Theatre, "One for All". "Television gives me the chance to do what movies didn't", he said. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen produced the company's first film, Never Been Kissed (1999), in which Barrymore played an insecure copy editor for the Chicago Sun-Times enrolling in high school as part of assigned research. While reviews from critics were mixed, CNN noted: "There are two words which describe why this film works: Drew Barrymore. Her comedic timing and willingness to go all out in her quest for a laugh combine to make Never Been Kissed a gratifying movie-going experience". (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

American actor with a sporadic career, the son of stage and screen legend John Barrymore. His father and mother, actress Dolores Costello divorced in his infancy and he claimed to remember seeing his father only once. His mother attempted to keep him from the acting life, sending him to St. John's Military Academy and intending that he attend college. But young Barrymore rebelled and signed a movie contract at 17. He chose not to apprentice in the theatre in small roles, leaping blindly into leading roles then bailing out of them at least twice before ever managing to make his stage debut. Although his family, especially his aunt Ethel Barrymore, was humiliated by the embarrassment these failures brought to the Barrymore name, he received encouragement from them as well. His rebellious nature began to cause him great personal and professional difficulty. He had repeated scrapes with the law and was jailed numerous times for drunkenness and spousal abuse. (He had married actress Cara Williams.) In 1958 he changed his name to John Drew Barrymore and had a brief resurgence in film, appearing in leading roles in several not completely uninteresting projects. But his social behavior continued to derail any professional progress and he had further incarcerations in the Sixties for drug activity. Although he continued to appear occasionally onscreen, he became more and more reclusive, eventually disappearing into the wilderness to live a mystical existence that has also been described as derelict. He was long estranged from his family, including his son John Blyth Barrymore (who has repeated many of his father's career and personal patterns) and daughter, actress Drew Barrymore. (Source: www.imdb.com)


“Grey Gardens was a big buy for me. It was like, right, we’re done for a while, because I went so cuckoo on that. I got to do the dream. I got to have 17 layers of chicken skin on my face. It took four hours a day for them to make me look like this woman. I didn’t talk to anyone for four months, and only spoke like her. I wouldn’t be able to do that now. What am I going to tell my kids? ‘Sorry, I can’t speak to you for four months, because I’ve got to be Edie Beale.’” She says it was hugely important for her, because she wanted to prove to herself and the film industry that she could do serious. “The director didn’t even want me for that movie. He was like, ‘Oh no, please not her, not the romcom girl.’ And I was like, ‘I can do it! I caaaaan do it.’” She has such a distinctive voice – those creamy California vowels stretched to breaking point, as if talking while chewing on treacle. (Source: www.theguardian.com)

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