john cardillo twitter

john cardillo twitter

john cardillo twitter

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In response, Cardillo took the selfie and wrote: “I'm really enjoying these Eggs Benedict so move along now. #BlackBrunchNYC.” He had told Daily Mail at that time, “My photo is protected by the First Amendment. I was sitting in my own home, with no one else there, pointing an unloaded firearm. I published the photo as an experiment to expose the left-wing protest community - those people who support violence, encourage and cheer the murder of police officers, along with rioting and looting.” He added, “Those same people who were offended by my photograph, weren't offended by people being hurt in the real world.” (Source: meaww.com)

Cardillo also said that he is in favor of legitimate protests - even if he didn't agree with the message. However, he criticized the activists who showed up at the brunch spots. He said: “I don't support what they were doing because they entered private businesses and harassed people. I found those protesters to be blatant racists because they targeted ''white faces.'' What is more racist than finding a place that certain races go to and targeting those places?” (Source: meaww.com)


Longtime Republican operative and Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone, along with an allied far-right leader, is attempting to take down fellow GOP operative and MAGA Twitter personality John Cardillo, and it's getting messy. (Source: www.salon.com)

Cardillo, a former New York police officer turned Newsmax TV host, who later became a conservative Twitter pundit of sorts, was once a close friend and ally of Stone. But in recent weeks the duo has apparently become bitter enemies. The rift is somewhat mysterious in origin but appears related to Stone's allegations that Cardillo is "pray[ing] on single women" [sic] while arranging "phony divorce papers with the county." (Source: www.salon.com)

Clear back in 2015, Cardillo caught blowback over posting a picture of himself pointing his gun at the camera, tweeting, "I'm really enjoying these Eggs Benedict so move along now. #BlackBrunchNYC," in the wake of protests occurring in California and New York at restaurants during brunch hours to protest the killings of the unarmed Black men Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The MAGA Twitter personality, as Salon has previously reported, has also gone after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., claiming she is "spoiled and pampered." With more than 226,000 Twitter followers and regular retweets by Donald Trump Jr., Cardillo remains in a prominent position in right-wing social media, even as he attempts to fend off fellow denizens of MAGA world who hate his guts. (Source: www.salon.com)


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